"The Mauler" back in action!

My favorite driver, Ron “The Mauler” McCreary returns to the seat on Saturday night at De Soto Speedway. He’ll be driving a sportsman in the $1000 dollar to win, 25 lap open race.

p&g the motor it won’t be right it never is with him

I bet he’ll still out drive you or anybody else. LOL!

Hope he doesn’t have any oil leaks…:sprachlos020:

Good Luck Ron!! :ernaehrung004: :huepfen024:

Betcha he also volunteers to start last. I think Ron gets a bigger kick out of passing cars than he does winning. Even if he gets DQ’d, which is most of the time, he is still the SHOW.

And besides, if I read the rules right, P&G’ing the motor doesn’t matter in this race, mainly weight percentages.

Go kick some ASS Ron… and have fun. Let’s see how much shot were gonna have to give you at Hoots next party…!!!

My kinda guy… can outdrive 'em all, and out drink most…!!!

the motor it won’t be right

Bobby, there is no basis for that statement. Why don’t you take your sportsman over there? I bet he laps you.

Grrrr… Ron just called and said that his ride isn’t working out. Not quite sure why, but it aint happening this time. Too bad, he would have been a good addition to the show.