08 powler

08 powler chassis, Clone motor, new yellow vegas (2 races). Dyno 2011 CL-1 cam. Ruxing carb. 10.8 valve springs. RLV exhaust. Aluminium chain guard. Hillard Fury clutch. Comes with 2 extra clutches and gears, spare driver. $1000

call Brent 352-553-9439 or Patrick 352-454-6986

pictures for 08 powler

POWLER 3.jpg

POWLER 2.jpg

POWLER 1.jpg


08 dirty dirty

hey wash that thing it might help you sell it

turn key, pick it up and go racing, located in Ocala…

new to karts but is this for kids or adults?

both, it has an adult seat on it, all you have to do is change the seat.

How much just for the chassis?

Got a rear pic of the bearing hanger and rear tubes?

i can take one tonight, but want to sell complete. Last bit of karting stuff. Just want it gone.

nice kart, everything you need to race except a helmet…

I’d like to set it up for a kid…just the chassis?

complete kart, jacket, neck brace, extra clutches, drivers, all of it…

800… really want to sell this kart…

Considering it

See PM for some questions I have.

Thank You.

sent you a PM…

SOLD!! Thanks Karnac…