Trip to Florida - September..

Hello All.

I’m after some help. I’m looking at coming over to Florida this September for either a 2 or 3 week Holiday.

I’m a big racing fan from the UK and whilst over i want to catch whatever I can on the weekends. From NASCAR to Demolition Derbys, dirt tracks to Asphalt I want to see what ever is possible.

Can anyone give me a fixtures/meetings or tracks/venues to visit around this time…?

Many thanks in advance.

Hey Rex, where’s Andy at these days? :wink:

There’s a character by the name of Andy Sandall from your neck of the woods; but he hangs around with that Bonehead guy :slight_smile: (“Boneman” = Rex).

What part of the state will you be visiting?

Friday nights - Orlando SpeedWorld (Bithlo, FL, off of State Road 50 at the State Road 50/State Road 520 intersection, approximately 15 miles east of Orlando)

Saturday nights - pretty much every other track in the state. Ocala (Bubba’s REaceway Park), Bradenton (DeSoto Speedway), Inverness (Citrus County Speedway), Samsula (New Smyrna Speedway), Punta Gorda (Punta Gorda Speedway), Pensacola (Five Flags Speedway - I think they’re a Saturday-night joint), Gibsonton (East Bay Raceway Park)…did I leave any out?

Pensacola’s every other Friday night. Mobile, Al. is Sat. night. Be sure to check the schedules. billy

[SIZE=“4”]FL UNITED PROMOTERS RACE @ CITRUS CO. Sept. 15th, 24 Super Late Models on a 1/4 mile, very exciting! for more info [/SIZE]

J-mac, Andy changed jobs and is in the middle of moving to Daytona. But he is still very interested in our racing scene and has recently made trips to De Soto and Citrus. He’ll be driving my strictly stock when OSW reopens.

Here’s a website that has all the tracks in Florida.

You can click on each one and see what they have racing and when.

Hope this helps you!:slight_smile:

I checked out the link ModelCarMan ,thanks for making us aware of it. One error i found is, it lists Bubba Raceway Park as Ocala Speedway, and it is on the asphalt list. Thanks again Ricky !!!

Thank you so much for all the replys. I’ll take a look at all the links you have provided me so far.

Any more info, let me know.

Cheers again.