Florida Track Owners to buy Karnac

Rick the Florida tracks are willing to buy Karnac for the right deal so if you can put something together we will look at the possibility,thanks John.We would to do this so we can manage the message board.

The offer you guys put on the table is very tempting. I will get with Scott this week and see what needs to be done.

Does this mean each track gets equal attention and there wont be track favoritism??? Or do only the tracks that purchase karnac get to run wild?

LOL, The crap that flows out of the mouths of some is so deep I’m required to wear boots a hundred miles north of their location.

wow its a mgs borad what could it be worth peope come here to bitch and complain


This board isnt for track owners specifically and if they take it over it wont last a day and a half. This board is for racers and fans to bitch and complain about you! ROFLLL :huepfen024:

I’ll double their offer, they are so cheap it couldn’t be much anyway. :slight_smile:

[I][B]The offer is for the entire site and it is 6 digit range.


i know im on moderation

ole Hitler of karnac put me on moderation so this probably wont get posted…

really sappricone??? really??? you cant run a race track and you want to try to run this board??? who you and rex guy who regulates drivers so bad that they cant use a bumper at his track…u guys should look into buying a damn carnival or maybe a comedy dinner show…because you are the biggest jokes ive ever seen…6 figures…ha…the only way i would pay more than 1000 for this place is if ricks farm with all his animals for loving come included


and what would Kathy Smith get of the “6 digit” range…? Just curious… This has all got to be a HUGE joke.

they need to put in the tracks and not here lol might get vfans and the car count back where it needs to be

[QUOTE=Rick Anges;104626][I][B]The offer is for the entire site and it is 6 digit range.


Where’s the decimal ? :slight_smile:

Do you accept foreign currency ? I’ve got a million Iraq dineros.

Carol - didn’t know we were allow to bitch and complain on here anymore, thought we had to say nice stuff.


well i think we can “bitch” without being hurtful… dont you? this is all a big joke anyways so …hmmmmm holding my bitchy tongue… lol Have a happy day and be nice on KARNAC!!!:grinser010::grinser010:

1st of all, negotiations for karnac.com and the message board will not be handled online. None of you have any idea how or what revenue is generated from the site, especially if you think it comes strictly from the message board only. As my wife tells me, “if you don’t know what you are talking about, it’s best to just not say anything.”
Carol is right to be concerned to ask how much Cathy would receive, and I would say if a deal is completed, she would receive exactly what Jack and I had discussed before he passed away.
As I sit here this Sunday morning editing stories, uploading photos and taking time away from my family to do so, I’m not sure if anyone knows how much time is invested in keeping karnac up and running. Rick and our moderators have to constantly monitor the message board, which is a task that no one ever gets credit for.
And finally for Phil Ellis, if I could ban you for life off this message board, I would do it immediately. Your comments relating anyone to Hitler shows your ignorance and lack of civility. That name is tied to genocide and hatred toward an entire race of people and has no place on a racing message board. It’s extremely offensive to not only Jewish people, Service men and women who fought and died to keep us free from such evil and tyranny, but also anyone who has any sense of right or wrong. You should be embarrassed, but I doubt you have the intelligence to even understand the stupidity of your statement.

once i get to my computer there will be some cleaning done hope y’all have enjoyed yourselves today

Track owners doing something together that involves money, that was the first clue this was a prefabricated “lets do this and see what happens” post.

Haha! You got some of them, but I ain’t no dummy. :slight_smile:

My first clue was the first 2 posts… from John and Rick. They work at the track together, and were face to face probably within an hour of this post. There would be no need to put it on here. If it really is/was being discussed, it would have happened during that face to face time, not waiting an hour and posting the intentions on a message board.

Scott, I know more than anyone how much time it takes on putting up stories and pictures on karnac. For quite a few years towards the end, I was the only one who did do it and yes, it takes away time from your family or anything else you might want to do. But the way I always thought of it was that the racers and fans were worth it so I did it and never complained. I started working for Jack long before anyone else was in the picture and up until the end, he and I were very close on about what to do with karnac. You know how many times he walked away and just gave it to me and said you deal with it Jane, I can’t now. Alot is the answer to that one. He always knew that I loved karnac just as much as he did and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt it.

As for Cathy and if they should sell karnac, she should get all the money really. Jack had karnac since what, 1995 or 1996 and only passed away last year so rightfully, the majority of the money would be her’s.

But hopefully no one does sell karnac because I am not sure that is what Jack wanted and he would probably roll over and over in his grave if track owners took it over and owned it. He did not start karnac for track owners, he started it for fans to get information on local racing and for the racers to get credit for everything they did to race for the fans. Most of the time Jack didn’t like track owners and he had enough run ins with some of them and Rick knows that. But if he gave karnac to Scotty to run as he wanted to run it an do whatever he wanted to with it, then I hope if, when they should ever sell it, Cathy gets alot of money because she and Jack weren’t any better off alot of the time like me because there was no money.

And that is my two cents but yes Scotty, I do know what it takes to run karnac.