Did New Smyrna race last nite? Looking for results on their site and it said that they were racing this Tuesday 5-15. Why Tuesday nite?

if you want to call that racing they had 25 cars for 4 classes things do not look good for the track

Experiment week one - FAIL

Dave… not sure what you saw, as there are 2 ways to be confused. One thing showed racing on 5/5 (not 5/15), and there is a show on 7/5, which is a Thursday night. Didn’t see anything referring to 5/15 at all.

I’m glad I looked at this though. For several years now, NSS has scheduled a nice show to coincide with the Daytona race. It looks like it has been replaced by a Demo Derby and an Enduro. Looks like they gave up on trying to get the NASCAR crowd over from the big track, because a Demo Derby isn’t gonna get them there.

Or me either…

Dave click on the 5-15-12 link it will take you to the 5-12-12 results.Its just a typo on the result page.Its correct on the home page.

Nothing was there earlier today. Now there is. Pretty low car count. Any fans?

Yes the car count was low :frowning: Only 5 MODs and my race was cut short after going for the third spot and making contact cutting my RF tire. Changes to the car made it turn much better than in the past.
The kids in the bike race seem to have a good time too…