$850.00 to win Modified race this week end at Desoto Super Speedway

[SIZE=“3”]I know this is late but I need the help this weekend with car count,I would like to run a 35 lap mod race for $850 to win I know a lot of cars can use their tires from Aubandale from last weekend,maybe we can put a nice race together thanks again please call your friends , Rick can you put this on top.Thanks John.[/SIZE]

WOW what a show!

WOW the Safety Kleen/TBARA sprintcars and the modifieds! Great show at Bradenton! This is truly an open wheel extravaganza!



Why hasn’t anyone asked DeSoto

Hey Tony C, why don’t you care about John’s payout ? Hmmm, it didn’t take long for your true motive behind PGS payout to come out !!

Jeff I don’t see where John was asked about his purse and I really don’t see where John said he wouyld post his purse if all the other tracks did. I don’t see any motive behind anything except that when PGS was called out they did not answer.