Coming This Weekend To Bronson Speedway

Returning this weekend to Bronson Speedway will be the Pro Challenge Series and the Florida Outlaw Modified Series. We will also feature our Pure Stocks, Sportsman, OW Modifieds and the Hornets.

Those Outlaw Modifieds are cool as shit…!!! And I’ve seen them run at Bronson, and they put on a nice show. If you’re in that area, and into something totally different, I definitely recommend this show.

And do yourself a favor… talk to a few of those guys. This is one class left that ingenuity, imagination, and some cool fabrication work is still legal and encouraged.

No cookie-cutter class there…!!!

You are right Frass, those cars are really neat to drive and have a lot of bang for the buck.

You ole’ trouble maker.

Rex… C’mon… really… a troublemaker???

Would expect anything different?

Set my car back to the Bronson set-up today. I’ll be there…:sport009:
Come on down Jerry and Rex if you are not doing anything else…
Bring Roger and Andy with ya too…:huepfen024:

This weekend

It would be great to see a lot of you this weekend. Yes Frass, you are correct. Those Outlaw Modifieds put on one heck of a show. Having them, the Pro Challenge Series and our normal schedule of cars should be a great night of racing.