PGS Modifieds???

What happened with the big modified 100 lap $2,000 to win race??? Results??? Car Count??? Did they pay the full purse??? Anybody??? Anything???


Four cars told to pack up and go to Auburndale. NO RACE

i think they will post the payout next time, I was once a racer, and did not win all the time, the most important pay spots to most of the racers are 2nd through 15th. there payout down there is usually pretty good, i really dont understand why they would not post it, but I would say that is why racers did not go…

Not True!

The four cars were NOT told to leave. they went to Kevin and were concerned about the lack of cars so he told them he would be ok with it if they joined the other mods at Adale and he gave each of them ALL their money back.
There was a dispute between Kevin and a mod driver … the mod driver talked all the mods into racing at adale!
kevin was a mod racer for many yrs. he bought our track because the airport was going to take it back. Kevin wanted a place for racers and families to have fun. he has spent thousands… tens of thousands making it an awesome race facility and has tried to stay out of all the BS… he has ALWAYS paid off drivers…
kevin will NOT tolerate people putting his back up against the wall and sometimes reacts with angry words. he should not have cussed at the driver but is that any reason to cause an entire class of cars to disappoint fans, employees, and the drivers who always support us? he had given the payout to linda to post but all hell broke out and he said screw it., he would not tolerate anyone “Telling” him how to run his track… so it wasnt posted. if anyone had called he would have given the info.Kevin has NEVER cheated a driver… what happened isnt enough reason for an entire class to let down the drivers and fans at PGS. if anything will ruin racing, thats one thing that will!
people need to get facts before they write on here. we have a successful race track and we have awesome fans and drivers. all for a mere $10… surely it isnt about kevin getting rich. its about bringing people together for a great night out.

So Only Four Cars Showed Up For 2ooo.oo To Win Race???


i just explained what happened. there were alot of cars coming but they were talked out of it at the last minute. the winner would have made $2000! not sure of the rest of the field but im sure they all make something. Kevin is VERY fair.
The OWM class told Kevin they should make the same as SLM as they are fast and popular so Kevin gave them 100 laps and a good purse.
if anyone has any questions you can call kevin… he will talk to you as long as you dont try to TELL him how to run his track or back him against a wall. just be polite and he will take the time to answer questions.

We heard that Kevin called out Citrus and Auburndale about posting their payouts and we know that person that has the proof… Those two tracks posted their payouts and Kevin didn’t… as far as I’m concerned that’s not telling someone how to run their racetrack… So regardless if those 4 cars stayed and maybe more modifieds showed up, they would have payed the full 2,000 to win for maybe 10 cars??? Everything on the internet said it would that amount if 20 or more cars showed up! Auburndale gaurenteed their purses no matter how many cars showed up! Just sayin…

Just Wondering

I have gone back and read all of the posts concerning that OWM race and cannot find anything posted that there HAD to be a least 20 cars. All the posts are still up. Please tell me where it is so I can be corrected! Just asking! Instead of whinning and crying about the payout being posted, why didn’t the drivers call the track or the owner to find out what is was? Going to that track all the time I have never noticed a problem like this with any of the other classes, so what’s the problem with the OWM’s? Just an observation!

Why does it need to be a secret in the first place. If it’s in print, the track is pretty much obligated to pay that amount. If it’s verbal, then it’s a he said/she said deal.

Although I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’ve asked the question myself “what is the payout?”. The answer i got was “we pay nicely through the field”. So how much exactly is “nicely”.

PM3232 I think this is the one they are talking about

Attention Open Wheel Modified Drivers:

On May 12th at Punta Gorda Speedway,
the Open Wheel Modified will run 100 Laps
with a $100.00 entry Fee.
There will be a mandatory pit stop at lap 60.
The teams will be able to have a 3 man pit crew (driver does not count) that can change up to 2 tires either side or the front or back of car, add fuel, and make any adjustments necessary.
There will be a 5 minute time limit for this pit stop.
This race will pay $2,000 to win and pays nicely thru the field
with $125 to start.
This payout is guaranteed with a 20 car field.
Track tire rule is 8" Goodyear treaded, but Hoosier 8" treaded tires can be run with a $20.00 per tire stamp.
The rules for this race are as follows, if 2 or more cars have contact and there is a yellow flag all cars will be relegated to the rear of the field unless someone is man enough to tap out and take responsibility for the incident.
No penalties for those who stop to avoid the accident.
Last 10 laps are all green flag.

WHO NEEDS the Prenadonna’s!

Put em on jack stands for all I care. There are a few that just want to race and there are others that just live to stir the pot. I say park em and if they want to race then race but other wise quit complaining. This kinda in fighting is destroying short track racing. There are plenty of other classes in Florida to fill a program. PG can do with out the OWM if they have to. I’m raced out because of this kinda drama…


they have learned some type of a lesson, still going to show everyone its going to be his way.

[QUOTE=Frasson118;104843]Why does it need to be a secret in the first place. If it’s in print, the track is pretty much obligated to pay that amount. If it’s verbal, then it’s a he said/she said deal.

Although I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’ve asked the question myself “what is the payout?”. The answer i got was “we pay nicely through the field”. So how much exactly is “nicely”.[/QUOTE]

This is true but will the racer commit in writing to show up and buy tires and fuel ect,ect? Hell no they won’t! This works both ways. So looking at both sides of the fence I don’t blame a track owners for not posting payouts and sticking to it regardless of car count. This is just plain good business sense. Posting a payout is fine if the racer understands that the car count has to met in order to pay that said amount. The OWM racers complained and got their race they wanted at PGS and then didn’t show. The racers and tracks have to work together or you will continue to have the issue at hand. If everyone just will do what they say they are going to do ( racers and track owners) then things just might start getting better. Until then this same ole dog fight will continue.

Missed it

Thanks Rick B. obviously I missed that one!

That’s part of the problem right there… “are the racers gonna commit to buying tires and fuel?”. They shouldn’t HAVE to. And, other than 4 of them, they didn’t WANT to either.

I know they cut it back along the way, but the original intent was to sell the guys 6 tires, plus fuel. Pretty sure A-Dale didn’t require either, and not sure about entry fees.

So it looks like 26 guys went for 1 plan, while only 4 went for the other.

No track can keep pounding the racers with expenses and keep them showing up. The cars are expensive enough, and then to make them buy $700 in tires, $50 in fuel, $100 for entry fee, slab fee (the biggest rip-off), probably $100-$150 for pit passes for driver and crew… Youre near a Grand before you turn a wheel.

And why is it fair that drivers get a reduced pay, yet you NEVER hear of the promoter refunding or discounting ANY of the fees they collected?

I wish modifieds would go back to the way they were intended when they started. They had cheap claimer motors in them. Put 10 or 12 inch slicks on the modifieds now and call them super mods and bring back the cheap open wheel class back. Just my opinion

There was a dispute between Kevin and a mod driver … the mod driver talked all the mods into racing at adale!

You are telling us that ONE modified driver had enough infuence to make ALL the drivers go to auburndale? You are dilirous lady! They chose to go where they KNEW they would get some of their hard earned money back.

You keep harping on the $10 at the front gate but do you know what that means? You make it on the BACK gate! Thats right the drivers are paying to keep the track going. The charge at the back gate is still $30 the same as most all of the other tracks. On top of that they are the only asphalt track that runs goodyears so you HAVE to buy their tires + entry fees and the good old $10 slab fee, fuel etc. Tracks were always intended to make the money on the front gate and help the racers not the opposite.

It may be a bargain to go in the front gate but it ends up being the racers putting the money out to put on the show!

Wake up and smell the Benjamins!

Sorry to burst your bubble Tonka

But I read a message sent to a certain party by this individual and he said had called 14 drivers and coerced them to go to A’ dale and they all did. I find it interesting that this individual was not on the results at a’dale. I know personally of the bad blood between the PG owner and this driver. I say let them race with John and Rex and get what they deserve. They’ll both throw them under the bus in a heart beat. I know that from experience. I personally think PG’s interests would be served to just not schedule them the rest of the year. 80% of them are in the area around A’dale and Citrus any way. Maybe they will realize that the driver thats upset is serving his own interest and not theirs.

Sorry but I still find it hard to believe one person could influence that many people. So whats this persons name or shall he remain a mystery and just part of a rumor with a so called message.

Tonka, I agree with you 100%…!!! Other track owners should learn from this…There needs to be a payout in writting all the time!!!, for every class…20 plus cars, this is the pay…15-19 cars, this is the pay. 10-14 cars this is the pay…ect. If people dont see it in writting, they are going to think the worst. Rex had all the cars because the racer knew if he finished second, he was going to recieve this much pay! Rex was going to pay 1000.00 to win if 2 cars showed up!!! That is why he is going to get all the cars. He can do it, because he promotes his race track, and the front gate is packed all the time…The amount of cars in the pits should be the most important thing to a promoter, period, If the place is packed with cars, the fans will come, no cars, no fans…period. Racers are the show, treat them fair, and stop the smoke and mirror payoff games…