kb fined wow

50.000 wow vreally nascar needs money to fiull the stands lo9l

[QUOTE=rad dad 12;104856]50.000 wow vreally nascar needs money to fiull the stands lo9l

Which KB, for what, and $50 ?

Kurt Busch. $50,000. According to Nascar was driving wreckless when he left his pit box. Spun tires and ran to close to #39 Newman’s pit crew putting them in danger. Also for his altercation, or supposed altercation after the race. That guy from Newman’s team was a giant of a man. Think Kurt may have lost that one if it had continued. Mostly the fine was for the wreckless driving.

Kurt does some dumb stuff don’t he.

It’s like things start going good for him in a race and then boom, something happens to him and he gets lost for a few seconds, does something wrong, which always comes back to haunt him. then straightens out as if nothing ever happened. Just hope he hasn’t tarnished future chances for him getting a major sponsor for the #51, or a major ride for himself next year. He has also been placed on probation.

Alot of drivers have done alot worse. He needs to stay out of trouble while his career is floundering or he may find himself outside looking in unless his brother keeps him in a ride.

Agreed, don’t think he will last the whole season with Finch team.