Slm / Plm Required Ignition System

From: FASCAR Competition Director: Ricky Brooks
Super Late Models / Pro Late Models
Specific Ignition System

Effective June 22nd, via agreement of an elite group of seven Southern tracks, all Super Late Model and Pro Late Model teams will be required to use one specific ignition: Crane Cams Ignition Part #6000-6701.

This Part number will include the ignition box with adjustable rev limiter, coil and mounting plate.

New Smyrna Speedway and Orlando Speedworld join with Five Flags Speedway (FL), Montgomery Motorspeedway (AL), Mobile International Speedway (AL) South Alabama Speedway (AL) and Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) in this agreement.

The ignition system will be required on all Super Late Models, including the Bright House Challenge Series, and Pro Late Models, including the Pro Late Model Challenge Series, effective June 22nd.

The Ignition System is available from Race Ready Parts (Tom Root 407-692-4725) located in the Pit Area of both New Smyrna Speedway and Orlando Speedworld.

For any questions, please contact FASCAR Competition Director Ricky Brooks at 850-324-6821.


What is this going to cost the racers???

What is the reasoning behind this?

I can see this for the Gov Cup if there is a cheating issue but when you are getting 10 cars for a bright house race and you throw another mandatory expense for your tracks only…you are biting the hand that feeds you.

The MSD’s were able to be “tricked” to override the chip. This is a good move to keep the competition fair. The other option was to open up rpm limits and we don’t need to go there.

If these tracks are so worried about this, how come they don’t purchase them their self and hand them out when we race? I guess since these are solving the traction control and chip bypass problem I can mount this ignition anywhere in the car and conceal the wiring now ?

Specific Rules regarding placement along with a Wiring Diagram are being posted today.

I will post this excerpt here:

“All Crane Cams Ignition Systems (Part #6000-6701) are subject to a random exchange by Track or Series. All the connections will be sealed before leaving the Tech area. (Removal of these seals will result in automatic disqualification”

Again, the complete rules, along with Wiring Diagram and Mounting Instructions are begin typed into the Websites Today.

well since I am building a pro late I thought I would look it up on the internet. couldn"t find it so I called crane cams they said its brand new out and the cost is 399.00 and they said motor state and cv had them in stock also . and there price is 399.00 as well. just thought Id throw it out there .

Thank you for volunteering to spend my money for me and deciding what parts I need on my personal racecar. Do you really think this is affecting the car count? What happens to the backmarker cars that can’t afford this? We have only had 9-12 cars for the weekly shows for the super late models and 3 for the pro lates at speedworld. I don’t think this is going to help that car count. Jared Allison Slm #18

Jared don’t you know this is nascar without the payoff if they would just use northern rules and throw out the drag racing trans, fiberglass bodies and other bs they could have some cars.

new rule

i have herd about the msd boxes being worked on, and two or three of them were florida cars. My big question is, if someone can afford to have there msd box worked on, dont tell me it is impossible to fix up one of the crane boxes??

Is this for the Regular nightly shows? Here we go again changing rules in mid stream. At least wait till off season. Going to “Save The Racer Money”! Cannot get cars to come now and you are throwing another $400 into this situation (was planning on running the last couple Brighthouse races, But now I get to save even more MONEY!) If you all are going to do something like this, make it affordable. Buy a bunch (the track or Tom) and sell them at dead cost. Most of everyone probably don’t remember Poncho Funk (Buzzy Berry’s owner of Funk Racing Supply. 407-832-5237 in Winter Garden) Grandfather , but when we started running 2 barrell carbs many, many years ago, He purchased a crap load of them with carb adapters and sold them to everyone at Dead Cost, $69.00 for the carb and $21.00 for the spacer! Didn’t make a dime. He just wanted to help the racers and the tracks because he knew a lot of them couldn’t afford to switch at retail cost and would probably park their cars. He even let racers make payments on them (because I was one of them). Bet no one steps up to the plate and does this. Next thing they are going to require is that we must have 5 pounds of dog s%@$ mounted under the seat. This will bring all the cars out! The hits just keep on coming.

FASCAR - do yourself a favor and EXPLAIN why the Crane box is mandatory. Throwing out a new rule with no explanation is arrogant, much like the OSW scheduling conflict. You want cars, but you keep loosing them because of the lack of communication. We are seriously considering selling out or traveling to other tracks once a month because we feel unappreciated at your tracks. Racers are customers - period.

If I had a nickel for every race dd was gonna raceand now wont because of some track policy, i would be able to buy everybody new boxes.

Because Ricky Brooks probably only has the stuff to check the Crane stuff. This sounds like a Monopoly to me. Mandated tires, gas, body and now ignition. What’s next? Mandated water in the radiator, or air in the tires where you can only purchase it at the track too! What are they going to do when Crane goes under again???

Well bubba you pay the bills feeding the cars and I’ll be there each and every nite the gates are open. So step up to the plate BIG BOY!!! There are other things in life that are more important. FAMILY comes FIRST! At least I use my name. Bubba, wasn’t that someone from HE HAW?

This is one more reason to go some where else and race. Yea it’s 400 for the box but what about the time to change it rewire the car to fit whatever wiring diagram they come up. Really because we get so many cars from the other tracks that are going to the crane boxes.

It staggers the imagation why these people do there best to keep everyone home.and I run Crane ingition woody

Well, dd, from the body of work you present on here I think I will spend my money elsewhere. Thanks for the offer though.

I wonder if some if you folks live under a rock. I am but a lowly fan, and I knew this was coming for quite a while.

Suck it up and go racing, or move down a few classes where you can afford it.

Just tired of all the bitching.

Bubba, If you “knew this was coming for quite awhile”, you must have an in or something because this is the first a lot of us have heard about it. News to me.

Ok, my money is on how long it will take to cheat up the Crane box.

I agree with Benny but?

more importantly, what else will be next? This is not going to stop at the ignition boxes. Mark my words this is just the beginning, there will be more to come.
As I said once before, in my opinion, none of this would be necessary if there were not individuals that would complain that there are cheated up cars and that the track needs to do something about it. So for the people that complained, here is your wish. (the only problem is that the ones complaining either cant drive worth a crap or don’t drive at all) but that is not why they keep losing week after week, it is definatly the MSD boxes.

I believe that if the tracks want to enact this rule and remove any possability of tampering, the track should purchase the box and on race day install them when going through tech and remove them after the race.

Problem solved. Now lets go Racing.