Thanks for its totally locked up my work computer.
Rick M is not part of this website in any way. There is at any given time 100-160 people on this message board and you are the only person who has had this problem so I believe you may have gotten this from somewhere else.

No I was on the asphalt classified page,and I accidential clicked my mouse.
I didn’t even see what I was on top of.
This sucks,I’ve never had this happen before.Before I knew it my
PC was going ape.
So if any one knows a fix post it here and I will get it off
my phone.
Thanks Rick.
And just because you haven’t seen it before,doesn’t mean I can’t
be the first.
:slight_smile: on the link and download the FREE version. Hopefuly this will get rid of your problem.

Thanks Rick

Thankyou Rick we down loaded that and got it gone!!!

Glad it worked…you should run the malwarebytes program atleast once a week.