What track is willing to add this class to their schedule...

I will spend the money and build one if we could get a track to allow the class…


I remember watching a GATR (Great American Truck Racing) race in the 80’s at a dirt track in NY. There was a woman driver whose name escapes me now but she went on to race the Nationwide series.
They raced on dirt and asphalt. They would tear the asphalt tracks up so they didn’t return to many tracks. It was neat if you were into the big rig trucks but really didn’t draw many fans.

Big Rigs Ran at Orlando Speedworld a couple of times !

I had the pleasure of announcing the Big Rigs running at OSW a couple times, one time featured in the race Harry Gant and mr drive anything anywhere Kenny Schrader and go to interview them for the race and after. There was a guy in Winter Park that brought his to one of my Go-Kart Charity events his name was EJ Utley and he was tops in that division for a long time. They races dirt in NY and made their way down the east coast to Florida. I think they ran at least one other track down here as well.

They were actually pretty cool, they started like 16 of them at Speedworld one time and like 20 the other time, it was crazy and the black exhaust blowing was crazy.

Shawna Robinson

Thanks dd. I’ve spent half the night trying to think of her name. I guess I could have done a google search but was doing other things. LOL

GATR used to run at Syracuse (the big dirt mile), Pocono, Atlanta, Trenton when it was open, Dover Downs I think they even ran a couple of times at the Florida Fairgrounds half-mile in Tampa.

Watch Smokey and the Bandit II (I think that’s it…) at the opening. They show the trucks racing at Atlanta.


Here’s Orlando’s EJ Utley (mentioned above) gettin’ a lil’ bit squirrelly outta turn 4 at Dover:


Does anybody have pictures of when they ran, I really want to build one of these…


“Great American Truck Racing Series”

“GATR Series”

Looks like they even may be still racing these things in Canada. Seen some pics as late as 2010 from our friends up north.

It seems ‘Rolling Thunder Big Rigs’ are still running way up in the North West.

Spokane County Super Oval was running them in 2011, and this year Columbia Motor Speedway (this weekend) Skagit Speedway, Southern Oregon Speedway, Coos Bay Speedway and Grey Harbour are all running them…