Danica vs. Darrell

There was so much hoopla surrounding Danica Patrick’s Darlington debut last week it bordered on insanity, but I guess NASCAR got their moneys worth especially from Go Daddy LOL…
There is another debut of sorts this weekend that has been pretty much been under the radar… Darrell Wallace, Jr. makes his first attempt at running the Nationwide Series… If you are not familiar with him he is African-American and is a very, very good driver and could become the first Black driver to win a Cup race since Wendell Scott in the near future… he has the talent…
Unlike Danica, who came to NASCAR with one major win - an Indy Car race in Japan (Plus a few laps led in the Indy 500) - Wallace has six victories in NASCAR’s K&N East Series in just 25 starts… Before that he had tons of wins in Bandoleros and Legends before moving to Late Models for a short time but since he is a Joe Gibbs development driver, they put him up in K&N as soon as he turned 16… He will definitely have good equipment at Iowa this week… he’ll be driving the same car Joey Lagano has won the last two races with, so the expectations will probably be pretty high…
The neat thing about this kid is he reminds me of a young Darrell Waltrip… very brash and not afraid to tell you how good he is… He is a great interview… NASCAR can use someone a bit different right now, so good luck to Darrell this weekend…

I’ve watch him race on TV for the last two years in the latemodels and East Series and he is the real deal!!!

He does have a mouth on him, but he does back it up also! Hope he makes it to the Cup Series one day!

I have seen him run a few times also and have told everyone he is the real deal. Unlike Dancia " The marketing machine" Darrell will get to the top on true talent.

Well wasn’t much of a battle. Darrell qualified and ran in the top 10 the whole race. Not bad for his 1st time ever in these cars. The “Marketing Machine” did her usual which is fall off the pace rather quickly and ride around until her tire blew out.
Do you know Joe Nemecheck and Mike Bliss are ahead of her in points and they are not even fully funded cars. She ranks 10th in points out of the 16 cars that have run all the races.
I wouldn’t even mention this if I didn’t have to continiously listen to how good she is from the announcers.

I don’t think Darrel has much more African in him than i do…LOL.

He is a very talented driver though and should go through the ranks with exactly that…talent and ability.

It’s funny when Danica crashes or drops out the announcer search for a topic.

They had all intention of talking about her the entire race.

Looking forward to seeing Darrell race in person at BGS in 2 weeks. Takes some talent to qualify and finish in the top-10 in his first race. Seems to be the real deal.