Home Built

We need this kind of class… talk about homemade!


Can’t have that, Dave.

Remember…ingenuity ain’t allowed no more. :-\

Bet it doesn’t have a Crane ignition box!!!

Ingenuity is still allowed in most areas. The problem is that the jeanie is out of the bottle, and any successful mechanic, fabricator or driver is very familiar with handling dynamics. In years past, those were pretty fuzzy concepts to most racers, and the result was a wide variety of home-built stuff that ranged from genius to junk!

As much as we would like to see home-made super modifieds, it aint gonna happen. Professional chassis manufacturers would instantly take over, and everyone would have similar stuff.

Go see some vintage racing and you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship on some of those non-cookie cutter cars.

Ignition Box - Yamamoto Asia Engineering, Osaka, Japan
Chassis - Harry Butts Manufacturing, Peoria, IL
Headers - Rex Engineering, Titusville, FL
Tires - Mike’s Cheap Used Tires & Bowling Lanes, Oshkosh, WI
Wing - Batman, Gotham City

Dave, thanks for noticing my craftsmanship on the headers! I have to admit, THAT SET worked better than my initial design…

Homemade 85.jpg

Check out the stagger in the front end of that thing! Looks like he had to use the spare DONUT tire for the LF. Lol

Safest car i ever seen


those like the same tires they still make us run on the modifieds.

I bet they didn’t have to buy them at the track either.