What do they mean?

What do the letters in “FASCAR” mean? Lately they should stand for
Forget About “Scheduling Conflicts”, Announce Reforms, or
Forget About “Scheduling Conflicts”, Add Races

I am dismayed at how this temporary shut-down is being handled. Where is the motivation for anyone to get to work on their cars? Where is the tracks vision to pull out of this long-term slump? I’ve been told by two FASCAR managers that the track will re-open soon. Ok, I believe them, but what is going to be different?


The date on the calendar?

Finally Assuming Society Can Alter Racing

F…k All Stock Cars And Racers

[QUOTE=Edm;105212]Finally Assuming Society Can Alter Racing

F…k All Stock Cars And Racers[/QUOTE]

you may be on to something,this time

I know that I am not really part of the racing family for FASCAR anymore so you can’t say I am but would you all really be happier if Orlando SpeedWorld was not there??? I don’t know about you or the other posters boneman but I would be very sad to see her go.

I have seen SpeedWorld in good times and bad for the last twenty something years and inspite of some of it’s downfalls and craziness, I would hate not to have those memories at all for my family. I have been there when it was hard to find a seat on the grandstand side and when there were maybe 20 people on the grandstand side. And I could not tell you who was the manager there in the early 90’s when we started going but whoever it was, was doing a good job.

Times change, the economy has changed, but if you truly love something and want it to remain you work your butt off to help it and that is how I feel about SpeedWorld. Drivers get frustrated, personnel get frustrated but you know something funny, most of them I have found over the years really did love the track and wanted to help it be good. I have seen volunteers come and help fix things and clean up the old girl just because it needed it and there was no other way but with volunteer help.

I do hope you all work your problems out, I have no clue what they are now, but I also hope that someday I can take one of my grandchildren there to see a race and they will love Orlando like I do and alot of other people do.

i would rather it be closed than what it is now


CRASH A RAMA series MAY 26 the best show in ORLANDO:)

you put on a good show moe:huepfen024:
cant wait megan and jeff

When I started actually racing in 1979. Dave Dawson was the promoter. Crowds were GREAT. Thats when Billy Herndon owned it. But Billy did the usual. It was going good and canned Dave thinking he could do it. WRONG! Down it went. Then the late Steve Peterson came along. Same thing. Had been going there since it opened, but as help on a car. Wish someone with a boat load of money and didn’t care about losing 2 boat loads of money would buy it for whatever insane price Robert wants just to give it 1 last shot for a few more years (5 to 10 years). It’s going to be like DeSoto where housing developments are going to overrun it someday anyway, and it will be gone. With Terry A.K.A. “The Closer” Roberts there, it may be sooner than we think.