Buy Desoto

Sounds like a good deal to me.

3.9 Mill… Damn near shot beer out my nostrils…!

It’s Only Money

Should make that back in 200 plus years.:slight_smile:

its been for sale for over 2 years :sprachlos020:

Price was reduced to 2.9 awhile back. It’s a great facility.

was a great track bk in the day payed good money lots of cars i havent been in about 2 years might have change

[QUOTE=UREZ2PASS;105231]Sounds like a good deal to me.[/QUOTE]

Great write up… makes you wonder why it’s not making it with all those attributes…?:frowning:
And yes, I have raced there and had a pretty good time.

As of last saturday, the track had little fan support and a small car count. We were not back there as we had the Drag car on the straight track but I was watching the arrivals and it appeared a light turn out and few fans. The bleachers are in bad shape and the track is not well promoted so things will not improve until someone puts up money to attract a car count and draws a crowd so the teams don’t have to play a winner take all game and some investment in improvements takes place. It still takes money to make money and I don’t think that’s gonna change just for us. I just hope Desoto doesn’t end up like USA did in Lakeland. That’s like looking at your own grave in a cemetary in it’s present condition. We didn’t have many fans to shout about either but at least there was a respectable car count in the classes. Enough to pay the light bill anyway.

Well, it looked interesting until I read the description of suburban encroachment. It might sound like a great thing that master planned communities are popping up around the track, but those kind of people with HOA’s and exclusionary, gated-community lifestyles aren’t gonna put up with the pulse enhancing roar of engines locked in the throes of competition.

This property description calls to mind the death knell of Hialeah Speedway, where urban sprawl ran over it like the tsunami in Japan, washing over the speedway and right on past it and it was obvious that the track wasn’t going to able to coexist with its new neighbors. Of course, this wasn’t the main thing that took out the track, but it sure didn’t help it either.

Good luck Desoto, this is going to be a tough sell…

My thoughts exactly. If you’re trying to sell it as a racetrack, you don’t point out how many people are moving in to the neighborhood that could potentially have it closed down.

The development is still miles away from the track. Of course I approach it on 64 from the west, is there development on the east side of the track?

The surface is great for racing, and the staff is friendly. I admire the fact that John is trying different things to attract some cars. The results are not there yet, but he is trying, unlike other tracks.

I suggest that John take a widely publicized leave of absence. Tell everyone that he is going to the Bahamas for a month, and is not taking a phone. Appoint a new promoter/track manager, and see if the cars will appear for the new management.

There is some new houses to the east of the track but nothing to go bragging about.