Nss - 6/2 Mods - 10" Slicks - Must Read!!!!

Attention ALL OPEN WHEEL MODIFIEDS, New Smyrna Speedway has an Open Wheel Modified 50 Scheduled for Saturday 6/2/12.


There is NO ENTRY FEE, NO REQUIRED TIRE PURCHASE, the race WILL PAY $1,000.00 to Win and $100.00 to Start.

Although there is no required tire purchase, we remind everyone that New Smyrna Speedway is a NO SOAK facility and that rule will continue to be strictly enforced.

There will also be an OPEN PRACTICE on Thursday May 31, 2012 from 6-10pm (Pit Gates Open at 5pm) in advance of the race.

We welcome all Modified Drivers to be here that night. If you have any questions, please contact the following:
General Inquiries: Track Office 386-427-4129
Rules Questions: FASCAR Competition Director Ricky Brooks 850-324-6821

DD38 will be there for sure with the opportunity to take the (airplane) tires off.:aetsch013:

Don’t count on that with it being the “only” race. That’s a lot of money to waste on 1 race. Would rather see them do 2-4 regular races and be able to use the tires more than 1 nite and throw them away basically.

Well maybe, Dave ,if they have 25/30 cars show up they will stay on them . And add more races. I was told there was at least 4 cars interested in running 10 in tires .so for all the guys wanting to do this now’s the time too show up and show fascar this is what you want.

keep emods on 8 in and reg mod on 10inch they got alot more power they should be on 10in

Yep, that would be the way to go for sure. Surprized(or not) they didn’t think of that 2 years ago…

The Open Wheel Modifieds will be OFF at Orlando Speedworld on Friday June 1st for the big 50 lap race at New Smyrna on the 2nd.

Stepping on Orlando again, the “Red Headded Stepchild” of FASCAR.

Actually Mr. DEBELIUS… Orlando has the rescheduled Sportsman
50 that night, where as New Smyrna has the Modified 50 on Saturday. Now, since the Modifieds will be on the 10" slicks, this was done to assist those teams that would like to run the 50 and give them ample time to prepare their cars without having to worry about missing a Points race on Friday night, as there have been some drivers that had some concerns about it.

cars can be changed over on saturday morning. we were planning on running both nights prob the one or two others that run orlando would have changed over on sat morn. STOP CHANGING THE SCHEDULE, this has been a major complaint of not just mine over the last couple of years. you have a schedule stick to it all the changes only piss everybody off more.

rusty ebersole

Well said Rusty!!!

That’s why people buy stacker trailers, so they are sure to have the right car at the track. :slight_smile:

Does anyone

Know if the track has tires available…And what gear would be a good starting point with these tires and a built motor???

I’m sure they have tires.Same SLM and LM run. Hoosier F-45. $612.00 for 4 mounted.

we actually ran the same gear as with the treaded tires when we tested 4.73


Thank You…built motor ?