Another Snoozer

Another year and another All Star Race has come and gone,a typical race for 2012 for Nascar.All the hype and build up like the best grand finale of fireworks anywhere and it fizzled like a wet sparkler. The only excitement of the night was Almerdinger’s run from last to 2nd in the showdown,Edwards & Biffle’s engines going up in flames,and Harvick trying to wreck his team mate.Leave it to Knaus & Johnson to take a new rule for the race and use it to their advantage by sandbagging for 3 segments and get the pole for the money run.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ:smilie_bett:

Glad I went and saw some real racing at Golden Isles last night, I just learned a few minutes ago who won last night at Charlotte.

I agree

I agree, what a boring race. I actually enjoyed Kahne trying to run around Kazelowski on the high side and Harvick hitting the wall after trying to spin his teammate but thats really about it. The announcers were trying so hard to make the end sound exciting but it could not have been more boring.

It looked like whoever managed to get out front after a restart looked like a hero that no one could touch. Once they got up to speed, I don’t recall anyone passing for the lead. Looks the like the dreaded “clean air” is in full force. Doesn’t bode well for the 600.

Unfortunately I guess we are stuck with this type of racing. The cars are so precisely engineered for aerodynamics and the motors are so similar that there really is only one groove that is truly the fastest. Tracks 1.5 miles and up are so fast and aero is so critical there is almost no contact for fear of upsetting the dynamics of the car. The same is becoming true in Nationwide as well. Most of yeterdays yellows were for tire related issues. One good thing about the all star race is the 4 segments negated the need for any bogus yellows.