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Jeff Hardison does a nice job covering things at the track for his Levy County-based website and posted this story yesterday:

By Jeff M. Hardison, ? May 20, 2012

 BRONSON ? For the first time in its history, Bronson Speedway had enough drivers in every class for a complete race card, Race Director Jimmy Durden said Saturday night (May 19) as he spoke to drivers before the races began.
 It was a big night for racing, indeed, as seven heat races lead into feature races for the Pro Challenge Series, Outlaw Modified, Open Wheel Modified, Sportsman, Pure Stock and Hornet divisions.

Wade Parker of Bronson, car 20, took first place in the heat race and the feature race. He beat Tyler Prescott, car 7, in the heat race.
After Jackson Fowler of Chiefland, in pickup 43, beat Tommy Ausburn Jr. of Bronson, in car 69 Jr., in a special Strictly Stock heat race, the lineup at the start of the feature was Prescott, Ausburn, Fowler and Parker from first through fourth respectively.
After a restart before the end of the first lap due to some bumping and spinning out, Ausburn, Fowler, Parker and Prescott went in a group like that until the third lap. Parker went by Fowler and followed Ausburn up until the eighth lap, when Parker made a strong move and passed Ausburn too.
In the end for the Hornets it was: First-Wade Parker, Second-Tommy Ausburn Jr., Third-Jackson Fowler, Fourth-Tyler Prescott.

It took two heats to settle the nine-car starting lineup of Pure Stocks on Saturday.
A teenager won the feature race.
It was the first Pure Stock Feature Race win in this division for J.T. Holly of Weirsdale, in car 09(3). The ?3? added to his car?s ?9? is in honor of him being a third generation racer. Carl Carr is his grandfather and he was on hand when Holly went into the Rectangle of Victory on Victory Lane at the racetrack.
Also joining Holly was Larry Welter Jr. of Williston, car 58, who dropped out of the race at about the eighth of the 20-lap feature race.
At the start of the feature race, it was Tony Parker of Bronson, car 3, Larry Welter Sr. of Williston, car 85, J.T. Holly, Morris ?Gator? Richardson of Williston, car 81, Welter Jr., Tricia Turner of Old Town, car 5, Steven Turner of Old Town, car 8, Jarrett Cornell of Fort Myers, car 7, and Juan Montalvo of Bronson, car 29.
It was Welter Sr., Richardson, Parker and Welter Jr. in a four-way duel for the first six laps. After the fifth lap, Montalvo and both Turners were being lapped by the front runners.
The spinout of Richardson in lap eight, which caused Welter Jr.?s car to have to go to the pits was a turning point in this race.
At the restart, it was Welter Sr., Parker, Holly, and others. Welter Sr. spunout soon after the restart, however, and that?s when Holly took the lead position. By this point, Holly?s car?s right front wheel, however, was visibly askew, as it leaned toward the outside.
The remaining cars jostled around through the final eight laps of the race as Holly kept gaining more and more of a lead over the second place finisher. In the end, it was First-Holly, Second-Parker, Third-Richardson and then Welter Sr., Cornell, Montalvo, Ms. Turner and Mr. Turner as respective finishers and Welter Jr. out before the end of the race.

There were spinouts and stallouts, and fender benders. The worst wreck of the night was in the Sportsmen feature race.
Charlie Seroki of Lake Butler, car 44, made contact with the wall along the front straightaway and slammed into the wall at the first corner. That happened in the seventh lap, bringing the whole field to a stop on the track. The emergency crew checked him, and towed his car off. He was said to be O.K. A collection was started to help pay for his damaged vehicle.
That break in the action put Chip ?Hollywood? Owen of Interlachen, car 22, in second place at the restart, although he had led for the first six laps. Gene Owen of Newberry has been known to drive car 22, and other cars, and this legendary driver was at the track, although he was not driving on Saturday night.
?Racin?? Jason Garver of Starke, car 74, brought a bunch of cars again and he competed in various categories. It was this race where he shone most brightly from the Seroki crash until the end.
Kyle ?Sparky? Owen of Newberry, car 1, was running a strong third for quite a few laps. That was until Jeff Prescott of Wellborn, car 07, passed him and held it for the 13th through 20th laps. The Sportsmen classification of cars gave onlookers a great show of fast action.
In the end, it was First-Garver, Second-Chip Owen, Third-Prescott, and then Kyle Owen and Brian Hull of Fort White in car 16.

Robbie Cooper of Bronson, car 98, won the Open Wheel Modified feature race.
With GT Grill having fed his pit crew, Cooper?s team was not to be slowed down at all. Even though the local star driver seemed a tad displeased in the pits before the heat race, he was on top of his game in the feature.
At the start of the feature, the lineup was like this: Kevin Terry of Citra, car 13, Chip ?Hollywood? Owen of Interlachen, car 1, Robbie Cooper, ?Racin? Jason? Garver of Starke, car 27, ?Diamond Jim? Higginbotham of Brooksville, car 76, and Tex ?The Mower Man? Fleming (of across the street from the racetrack), car 18.
It was Fleming?s first time racing in any car. He started with the fastest and most expensive cars. He is 58 years old. In his first time out, he did well. He finished ? although he was lapped at least once.
The group started as a pack. By the second lap, Cooper had captured first place. In the fifth lap, Garver passed Terry and he held that almost to the end. The last several laps Garver and Terry were running very closely with each other.
Here are the final results: First-Cooper, Second-Terry, Third-Garver, and then it was Higginbotham, Owen and Fleming respectively.

Seven drivers competed in a heat race and a feature race in the Pro Challenge Series.
Pro Challenge cars are three-quarter-scale stock cars that fit this track well. They zip around the track and present a great race for onlookers. They went 25 laps in the feature race.
On Saturday night, they started like this: Mark Landis of Delray Beach, car 56, Joseph Pilato of Birmingham, Ala., car 16, Paul White of Eustis, car 25, Ryan Rust, car 24, Harvey Johnson of Ocala, car 2, Randy Glick of Ocala, car 28, and Jerry Heflin of Gainesville, car 23.
Pilato took first place in the third lap with a daring pass around Landis. The Alabama driver maintained his lead for the rest of the race. Landis kept his second place from that point until the end.
White and Rust battled it out for third. In the 11th lap, Rust bumped White as they jostled for the place and Rust took over in the 14th lap ? which he held all the way until the final lap.

This was a four-car shootout of Outlaw Modified cars. Doug Hopper of Spring Hill, car 15, started in first. He was followed by Cody Allen of Lehigh Acres, car 6, Tom Meyer of Pinellas Park, car 04 and Mike Endee of North Port in car 26
Endee?s car left for the pits at about lap 12 of the 25-lap race. Allen, who brought Jarrett Cornell of Fort Myers, car 7, for the Pure Stock, did very well. He went around Hopper very early in the race and held fast to that first place.
In the end of this one, it was First-Allen, Second-Hopper and Third-Meyer.
These cars are built on a tube chassis. They run very fast and they seem to leave a smell of Castrol burning as they race around very quickly. They are compact and extremely powerful. They did 25 laps in about six minutes and two seconds, at the slowest.
As Allen stood in the Rectangle of Victory and spoke to either announcer Trisha Tully of Inglis, or Jon Borden of Port Charlotte and Gainesville, the driver noted his appreciation to Tom Gula for letting him drive that car.

Jeff’s stories are on the “Leisure” page of his site… He also posted these victory lane photos of Rob Cooper, Jason Garver and Cody Allen…

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