Chumpcar at Daytona

The 14 hours of Daytona is this Sunday. Should be ALOT of fun to watch!

So how do we get in? Are the stands open? Can we get in the infield?

$10 entry for infield spectating. $25 for pit/paddock area. Let me know if you’re going! Bring the MUSTANG! LOL!

132 cars ENTERED! 125 will start with 7 teams on a reserved list. WOW, can’t wait to see the start! 8 a.m.

RSB, are you racing and what team are you with? I have two cars in this event, a 1996 Honda Civic #26 and a 1988 VW Golf #62. “Team Double Penetration”… they look like Ricky Bobby’s cars. Several guys from Citrus are driving with me. Rick Maguire also has a car that he is running that looks like a Silver Bullet beer can!

Not racing, unless you have a seat I can rent! Actually can’t afford to rent a seat but me and a friend will be spectating. We do have an old Saab turbo that we raced in the Southern Discomfort in 2010 but it has a blown head gasket and nobody has taken the initiative to work on it… Good luck to you guys!!!