Thoughts for a sad day

Thoughts for a sad day…

This wreck occured on Florida’s smallest track in an under-powered car. Do you drivers really think it couldn’t happen to you? Are you ready to get serious about your safety? Race for another week on old tires, and instead spend your racing budget by updating your firesuit, your helmet, your gloves, your fireproof underwear, get a HANS (I use one and am a believer), do whatever it takes so your family is not grieving one day.

Do you remember how close we have come to TWO fatalities? Bill Cleary barely survived his accident at MCS, and faces a long, painful and expensive recovery. Bill was a track worker who was hit by a car. Again, this accident happened at a small track, Soon, it will be time to move on from our grief, and we need to study and learn about what happened in TWO terrible accidents, and do what it takes to prevent others.

Many members of our racing family are hurting. The Morr family is of course, but don’t forget the track staff too. I am sure they are crushed by all this, and they are people like the rest of us. When you see someone from the Auburndale family, please be extra considerate, kind and understanding. Lets leave the racing issues out of it, there is time for that in the future, for now can we please be nice? Because they are grieving too.

We can, and we should, debate the merits of kids driving racecars. However we can’t overlook how the Auburndale Kids Club has overall been a very positive experience. Hundreds of kids have taken part, and so many of them have stayed in our sport. Its a fact that things could not have gone worse last weekend, but before you get judgemental or abusive about the Kids Club concept, remember that it has been great for so many families, and has been a real benefit for our sport in Florida.

Local racing is sick, and fatal accidents are like a hard shot to the gut. Can we all make sure we get out to a track this weekend? There will be memorials and prayers, but there will be fun and excitement too. I hope to take a car to Auburndale, just because they need help and support from all of us at a time like this.

Life is fragile, and life is quick. If you have something to do before you check out, I suggest to get on with it. This includes getting right with God, whatever you percieve God to be, live your dream, patch up relationships and forgive. It feels good and its the right thing to do. Besides, you may be gone in the blink of an eye.

well said boneman…

Outstanding post Rex. It couldn’t have been said better. billy

thank you for such a positive post. Yes, we are all greiving at this time. This is a time that we all need to make sure our life is right with GOD.
thanks again
Carol Andrews & son Virgil (aka ducttape)


Well said!

I posted this on flagstand and want it here also

Im sure Mr. Morr is in a very bad way. Bone man I agree with you entirely and I also agree with winger. I propose when the greiving has settled that we ban together and force the TRACKS to mandate certain safety rules for anyone under 18. Mandatory hans, Seat belt inspections with the driver strapping in and seeing if they are appropriate for his size.Proper size seats, Roll bar padding, fire suppressant systems, Proper distance from steering wheel. Verify proper helmet fit and snell rating. .095 tubing in the roll cage and inspect the weld points. Kids will continue to race no matter what people think. Maybe the parents arent completely aware of all the safety factors that could be implemented. Lets make enouph waves to force the tracks and possibly the car builders to implement certain safety standards for our kids…Im sure people who read this will say we cant afford this or that…well we cant afford to lose another child either. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and think that we should all ban together and start a youth safety fund for the young racers. We could call it whatever…but I am willing to put the first 3 or 4 hundred into a account overseen by a treasurer of our choice. Lets not all talk about it. Lets not sweep it under the rug. Lets honor this young man and make something positive from this. If we keep one child out of the hospital than we done something…Thoughts?

Don’t leave out we straight line guys. We have the Jr. Dragster program and those double the speed of the Kids club cars. I suggest we all do an investigation like the NTSB go team and see what exactly went wrong for Tyler then we can put our best heads together to fix it if we can. The older I get the more days like this weigh on my heart just like the rest of you. I got all the time in the world to help prevent another day like this, any takers?