Thanks, Rick

To all:

I asked Rick to remove the thread I started about the ongoing debate of under-aged driving on a race track. It was ill-timed and definitely not a needed distraction to todays sad news.

This subject will certainly be debated and argued about in the weeks to come but, for now, really does not need to be a source of daily reminder for those in so much pain.

I truly regret that I posted about this at all before it was known, for sure, that Tyler hadn’t survived this terrible incident. I sincerely apologize to his family and to anyone who knew Tyler personally for my thoughtless comments. However any of us feel about the circumstances that brought about this tragedy, there isn’t one of us here on Karnac that doesn’t share in the grief of a life lost so young.

My prayers are with the Morr family for healing and comfort.
Rest In Peace, Tyler.

Two Thumbs Up, OJ. I Think a lot of us feel the same. This tragedy will take a lot of healing time for all of us in this great, huge family that I’m proud to be part of.

My faith is restored… Thanks Rick and OJ…

Class act

O.J. I commend the move. And belive we can learn from this tragedy…when the time is right.

This is a perfect example of why i have the utmost respect for you Matt.

Well Done OJ…another time for sure!