orlando's policys

lookin to go to orlando for crasharama never been to orlando only citrus and desoto.what do they allow you to bring in.coolers,bottled water,snacks and seatback cushings also do they have handicap seating,i tryed calling them but it goes to announcment,sent email no responce can anyone give me an idea thanks


Good luck waiting on, and getting an answer from, Orlando :-\

From what I understand, no coolers or outside food/drinks may be brought into the main grandstands. You can bring your own seatback/cushion(s). I don’t think there is a handicapped seating section, but maybe someone who’s been more recently can answer that one.

Well jerky you will be coming to the best show in Florida.You will have a GREAT time see you SATURDAY.THANKS MOE

make sure that you dont wait tooo late to get there,seating is sold out eveytime that they have this show