World Product

I have a set of World Product Heads they are the S/R I-052 BARE!!! there for 1.94/1.50 Valves. Heads are good heads just took off and replaced with Vortecs… 200.00

u get a set of votec

heads are already drilled for screw in studs

any trades

Chevy 350 4 bolt main block $200

72cc 993 sbc heads with screw in studs and guild plates great heads 1.94. 1.50 vavles 3 angle vavle job newer 550 lift vavle springs fom comp cams $400

72 cc 993 sbc head 194 150 vavles 525 vavle spring lift $225

set of water temp/ oil presure gauge longance $40

Chrome 5x5 beadlock rim $15

tons of differnt front spring 9 1/2 750 to 1400 $10 each

Glenwood timing chain cover $5

1 center dump$ 5

throtle rods $5

quick connect steering wheel $8

6 blade steel racing fan$10

big body upper a arms $15 forthe pair

high volume fuel pump $10

4412 carb only 10 race sence rebuilt$150

K&N flow control air cleaner assembly$100

really need the cash, to finish putting a motor together.


they are 67 cc

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to the top!!!