Good racing at Auburndale

After a week of anxiety and a shocking loss, I wasn’t sure what to expect last night at Auburndale Speedway. We ended up having a great time at the track, and everything was remarkably normal. Yes, everyone remembered, and everyone was respectful, especially the track staff. The loss will leave a mark that won’t fade, but it was time to race, and everyone rose to the occasion.

I took a Scrambler car there for the first time. Actually it was my Orlando Strictly Stock, so we were a little over-weight and not close on the gear. My friend Andy drove it, and he did well considering what he had to drive. Its back in one piece and will get some updates this week.

The best races were for the Legends and OWM. Both classes had big fields and competitive traffic at the front. My bet (so to speak) in the Legend race went out early, but there was enough participation on our pool (hypothetically) that Al-tere-go-05 won a few bucks. Of couse we were not really betting on the race because that would be illegal!

The OWM race was great! The pole car was built back in 1984 and it looked like an antique. It was driven by Jimmy Wilkins, he won a heat race, and he managed to keep the field under control for most of the way in the feature. Jimmy wasn’t the fastest through the corners, but he really hooked it up coming off, so it took until late in the 40 lapper before Travis Roland could make an outside pass for the lead. Since there was a yellow, Travis actually made two passes, but did it cleanly both times. Good race!

Most men of Jimmy’s age would be playing bingo and eating at the early bird. But he looked fit and trim, and can certainly wheel a racecar! I love seeing veteran drivers like that be able to hang with the kids.

I was there with 4 friends and we lived it up. I got to meet 3 new ones too! There were a few people with the V8 Bombers who were in the mood to argue and yell at each other, but overall we found the natives to be very friendly.

Thanks to Auburndale for a good night!

It was cool finally getting a chance to meet you Rex. We will have to catch you driving your Sprint Car sometime soon.

It is very nice to see someone write about what a good time they had at a track and not complaining. Auburndale is a nice track and have been there a few times and need to go again soon. But I am so glad you had fun Rex and enjoyed yourself.

I remember when the Wilkins use to race SpeedWorld. They were always nice and polite to me but they didn’t feel welcomed and they ended up leaving. But they did race there for awhile.

But thank you Rex for such a nice article and the good feelings you got out of it. Positive remarks go along way in this business and I am glad to see you write some about your visit to Auburndale. Do you plan to go back any time soon?? One of these nights, I need to come see you guys race and I will. Need to do some press for my site about our Florida tracks.

Have a very nice Memorial Day and thank you to all that have served and are serving in our forces. I know firsthand what you give up to do that.

sat night at the races

It was great to get to talk to you Rex. Sometimes we are so busy at the track we don’t get time to talk to the other crews.

(the car is 28 years old the driver is 70 he does ok.)

Yes… congrats to Andy on his top ten finish… well, he may have been last, but it was still a top ten!

There seems to be good things happening in the Modified class, not just at Auburndale, but all over… Lots of new drivers or drivers at who have run other classes at Auburndale that are new to the class like Brandon Duchscherer, John Moore II, Jason Swilley, Austin Stamper and Matt Anderson… even Marilyn McCrary was in a Mod this week… And good to see some old names like Charlie Brown and Richard Brinson (in the famous Brinson #98) back in action…

Old man Wilkins runs circles around his kid and just keeps getting better with age… Had to say that Jimmy! LOL

The Legend Car class is getting some new blood out of the Bandoleros like Noah Cornman, Teddy Lively and Keith Sinkula… Although quite a few of the over 40 Masters Division drivers have dropped out of sight, they still are averaging just under 20 cars a week and there is no clear-cut favorite other than maybe Kory Abbott but I see he finished last this week… Anybody know if it was car problems or was he doing imitations of his day job at Disney?


that’s not nice Dave There are few tracks that I can say I have more wins at than him and Auburndale is one of them. But he did have a head start on winning .