saginaw trannys

I have 2-saginaw. 3 speed, 1.68 3rd gear ratio transmissions, 1- saginaw 3 speed 1.84 gear ratio transmission, and 1 saginaw 4 speed 1.47 gear ratio transmission. make me an offer that works in your budget, we will go fom there. I know racing is very expensive so i will work with you the best i can call Pat 517-819-8516 lakeland fla.

Hey, give me an idea what you want for both of the 3 speeds.

i will let them go for $200.00 cash . for both or 100 each

saginaw transmissions

i have sold a 184 and a 168 ratio 3speed transmissions. I still have a 168 3speed and a 147 4 speed transmission left. they are going quick so dont wait call soon if you need one of these. pat 517-819-8516


What would you take for the 1.84? and where are you located again please.


sold all 3 speeds i only have a 1.47 third gear 4 speed tranny left


do you have any shifter for those trannys

yes, i have one shifter left


is that a 3 speed shifter ? what kind ? how much ?


it is off a 4 speed but i dont think that matters because reverse is on a third rod. this shifter has all the linkage in tact call me 517-819-8516 would be easier to answer any questions. make me an offer that i just cant say no to. make it less then $50.00 and more then $5.00. i live in lakeland.