2300 Parts

Just about anything you might need for your race 2300. I have several blocks, all have had all freeze plugs and galley plugs removed, been acid dipped, bored and hone on a CV-616 with a torqueplate and 820 stone for optimum ring seal with Plasa Moly rings, top deck milled square and tru. I have several cranks both small and large mains, some standard Ford Journals, and some 2" Chevy journals. Heads, both oval port and round port, some milled straight, some angle milled, most have been converted to solid adjusters, all have had a multiangle valve job done on a Rottler SGF-8 machine. several broken sets of connecting rods, from 5.7" to 5.940", multiple pistons (CP and Weisco) for several combinations, both metric ring and 1/16" sizes., Pulleys, belts, tensioners, waterpumps. oil pans, You name it, I probably have it. Also have full Machine Shop capibilities to custom machine ANYTHING you might need. Contact Mike @13-299-1203

2300 Parts

All PM’s answered and pictures sent. Call with any questions. 813-299-1203 Mike

2300 Parts

Thanks to those that have purchased items.

Still have plenty left. Call me @ 813-299-1203 Mike

Still have plenty of new and used 2300 parts for sale.

Parts new and used or complete engine packages. Call 813-299-1203 with any questions.

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Sold a bunch, but still have a bunch for sale.

How much for a race ready short block with racing pan? What do you have? I have a race ready head, just need a short block…

I have a short block

how much and whats in it?

Call me at 813-299-1203813-299-1203 so we can discuss your needs.