Bronson schedule for 6-2-12

See bottom of poster for special $5 admission deal…:huepfen024:
Divisions running are OWModified, Sportsman, Pure Stock, and Hornet Divisions…

Bronson 6-2-12.jpg

Jim are you going to run sat? They called me last night,and I might show. Just wondering if there will be at least 5 cars. Call me if you can 863-289-1339, Thanks Ted.

No Ted, I had already made plans to be at Bowman Gray Friday and Saturday since we were off this weekend. They put the MODs back on for a no points race and I’m not canceling my reservations. With the big MOD race at NSS, it might effect this race at Bronson. Just don’t know.
Thanks for asking Ted and good luck wherever you go…

Hey Ted… call me when you can at 386-681-6717…