50 Lap Sportsman Orlando Speedworld $1000 To Win!!!

Ok. I’m laying down the challenge. Citrus, Auburndale, Desoto, and Punta Gorda Sportsman are all off this weekend. Drag your car over to OSW and LET’S RACE!!! If everybody comes we could have the atmosphere of the old Southern Sportsman Series. C’mon people its $1000.00 TO WIN!!! If you think your outside the rules call Wayne the Tech Man and he’ll tell you what you have to weigh. Maybe they’ll put the other 50 back on the schedule if a lot of us come. Maybe they will put a 50 on the schedule for New Smyrna. Maybe someone will step up and try to start a series again. Maybe none of this happens and we just have a GREAT RACE! Who’s in??? :ernaehrung004:

how did that song go,DREAM dream Dream…ohwell it sounds good anyways

Hope there is a good car count, wanted to come support OSW but, the rear end we bought to run ended up being bent.

Sorry to hear that you rear end is bent. Hopefully you can get it fixed soon. Come out and watch anyway if your nearby. And to Xracer, I prefer the Aerosmith version “Dream On, Dream On, Dream On, DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAM COMES TRUE!!!”. There are a ton of Sportsman cars out there. Citrus draws around 20 every race. The big races everywhere (50 Laps) get good fields. All these tracks gotta realize that if you have a 50 then you will get a strong field (as long as the date doesn’t conflict). Citrus, Punta Gorda and Orlando get that, the rest of the tracks don’t. As far as the Southern Sportsman Series went, the last race held (before FASCAR killed ALL of their tours) had over 20 cars. It’s not far fetched to think that sort of thing could happen again. The trucks started their own deal and now have a mighty strong field everywhere they go. A promoter would be a fool not to book them next year. The Sportsman competitors could have an ever better car count since there are more Sportsman cars parked than Trucks currently running. You gotta walk before you can run so come out Friday and let’s get the ball rolling!!!:aetsch013: