Happy 4th Birthday to a Very Special Little Boy

Today is my grandson Nathan Williams fourth birthday. He loves racing so I hope no one minds that I am putting a birthday wish for him up on a racing website. I can’t be there today but boy my heart sure is and I hope you have a wonderful birthday Nathan and all your wishes come true. His mom, my daughter, made him the cutest “monkey” birthday cake and I was lucky enough to find monkey decorations for his party on Sunday and sent them to him. Just couldn’t find the monkey balloons but he has got lots and lots of monkeys for his party.

I love you Nathan and I wish for you a wonderful day and that all your wishes come true. You are growing up so fast, do me a favor and be little just alittle longer.

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY - Love you always and forever, Ganma

Nathan's birthday cake.jpg

If your reading this, happy birthday little feller. :slight_smile:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nathan and many more. Geez Jane, I remember when he was born, and can’t believe it’s been 4 years. I know I’m old, but this can’t be happening this fast. billy

Isn’t it funny Billy how fast time is going. It was only yesterday when Alex was four years old and going thru another surgery. I can’t figure out where all the time is going but boy, we better treasure the moment because it sure isn’t there long. Before I know it, Nathan will be out of school and going to college and I really will be an “old” lady by then.