Tell me what you think is this good for local racing

hope this link works saw it on channel 9 news today .

Not sure. Hard to say.

If what I remember reading about what the “new” Daytona short track is running…it really shouldn’t have any real effect on “local racing”. I think I recall reading that the Daytona races will include drivers from NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series East and West (which don’t run in Florida at all); Whelen Modified Tour North and South (which only run during the World Series); and NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division I, or weekly track. I think the “big divisions” at New Smyrna - the Super Late Models and the NASCAR Tour Modifieds - each have one night off during the World Series, correct? If this place is running on Monday and Tuesday, I believe those are the days that those divisions are not running at New Smyrna.

However - if you’re already unloaded and have a pit set up over at New Smyrna, are you really gonna want to load everything back up, haul it ten miles up the road, unpack it all, race, pack it all back up, then unload yet again back at New Smyrna? Or…(referring to the Modified and Late Model teams that may run both Daytona and New Smyrna) in this day of multi-million-dollar short track teams, will you bring down yet another hauler and race car just to run one night at Daytona?

I got a kick out of the line that states “the 175 cars that are coming to race…” which is a completely made-up figure. Just slingin’ a number out there.

If you took EVERY Whelen Modified, and every K&N Series (east and west) car that exists, the figure wouldn’t be anywhere close to 175. Typical Nascar… over-hyped, over-exaggerated, and under-deliver.

Plus… these are non-point races. There is no real incentive for teams to do this race, other than to claim “I raced at Daytona”. I know the Northern Mod teams are very skeptical about this race, and I haven’t seen all that much support for it. Who wants to haul all the way to Florida for 2 days of racing on a completely flat track that won’t have much passing?

Bowman gray is a flat track.

Touche’ EZ…!

Touche’ Jerry ! :slight_smile:

Are those the two “squirrels” that started on the front row of the Modified feature at BRP last week?

Could be. None of the regular mods raced so these two may have been it.