Bowman bound

Two days off in a row without work or kids for the first time in 4 years. I am leaving early tomorrow morning and staying in Greensboro. Let me know where you guys are sitting, I will buy the first round.

Ride on Ed. That is going to be a great trip!

Bowman bound

Got a Finney group of four headed out early also. Picking up two more from Mississippi at the Charlotte airport. Will look for you all at Bowman Gray Stadium, one of the best racing shows going .

The K&N East Series has been getting good fields this year but there are just 24 entries for Bowman-Gray… Guess a few guys don’t like real “short track” racing… Still, 24 cars at that place is more than enough! You guys have fun… Speedworld looks like a washout tomorrow (70-80% chance of rain) but Saturday looks better…

Also leaving in the early AM hours… Can’t wait for this. Give me a shout up there, and we’ll slap back a beer or 12. Jim & Virginia H. are also going. Karnac party in NC…!!!


I’m going too!

But it only take me 1.5 hrs to get there…:aetsch013:

LOL…I just got to thinking. Dangerous, I know :-/

Why…oh, WHY in the world…is the racing sitchy-ashun so bad in your own state, at your home track(s), that you have to fly/drive a gazillion miles to see a much better show? Is it because:

a) You’ve seen the place on TV.
b) You’ve read about the place.
c) You’ve heard about the fights.
d) You’ve heard about the drunks. :stuck_out_tongue:
e) You’ve heard about the girls.
f) You’ve heard about Junior Miller or Burt Myers.
g) The place has some great fields of cars.
h) The place has a great payout.
i) The place is conducive to GREAT RACING, despite being one of the smallest, shortest, FLATTEST places around to race (Hialeah, anyone?)
j) The place has great/cheap beer & food.
k) The place knows how to PROMOTE their shows.
l) The place knows HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW.

I’ve seen/read that Bowman-Gray packs the place every race week with over 10,000 fans. Most short tracks would be happy with about 1/4 to 1/3 of that crowd in their grandstands.

This subject has come up before, we all know that. Orlando is one of the biggest metro areas in the country; why can’t they get fans like this?! Or, better yet, why can’t they get race cars? Is it:

a) the traffic just to get to the joint on a Friday night from the west (which would be Orlando itself)?
b) the payouts?
c) too many classes?
d) not enough classes?
e) the cost just to get in the back gate?

Learn a lesson here, people…please. Orlando has potential. B-G uses that potential to their advantage.

Oh - by the way - y’all headin’ up that way…Have a great time! Post the pics…LOL

[QUOTE=Frasson118;106266]Also leaving in the early AM hours… Can’t wait for this. Give me a shout up there, and we’ll slap back a beer or 12. Jim & Virginia H. are also going. Karnac party in NC…!!!


I’ll call you when I am close.

321 246 4104

Is your cell number still the same? I am pretty sure I still have Brians.

Get some pictures!

Bowman bound

Brian is not able to make this trip. Brian’s Uncle Phil, sons Tom, Andy and grandson Parks will be there. Made the trip last year and had a great time. Phil’s Cell # 321-432-9406. See you at Bowman Gray.

I’m in Ga. Exit 3. See you there.

Near St. Augustine… off to the races.!

Good practice till 6:30. Then a little rain, then they called it at 6:50. Never rained after that… :frowning:


THAT SUCKS’ hopefully it’s better tonight weather wize

They pulled a Speedworld on us. Bailed out way too early. Like Jim said, zero rain after a 10 minute light shower. Very disappointed in that… but this is why we came for a 2 day weekend… double the chances of seeing a show. Unfortunately, we will now miss most of the local classes. But we will get 100 laps of Modifieds (at LEAST 23 of them last night), and 24 entries in the K&N East series for 150 laps. They are applying last nights rainout towards this, so tonights show is a whopping $4.00 to get in.

The weather was absolutely perfect for racing. The initial shower wasn’t enough for a red flag at most places. At least we had good company.

We are here. Same spot, MODs are practicing… Almost clear skys and 73
degrees :slight_smile:

I won’t make it this evening…Catch ya’ll next time up this way or down there.

While y’all were gone we went over to Jerrys trailer. It was locked so we shook the doorknob real hard, the whole wall moved enough to let the door open. We went straight to the fridge, no beer. Went to look under the couch for the tv tray with the herbs and saw he had a Justin Bieber poster hanging over the couch. We got weirded out and left. Tripped on the forklift parts in the yard when we left. Touch? back Jerry :slight_smile: