Orlando Speedworld

So What Is The Right Answer?
Should They Call It Early Because Of The High Chance Of Rain?
Or Should They Hold Out Till The Last Minute And Let Everyone Tow Out To The Track?

Well my opinion I like it when they call it early because if it rains at all. that track seeps water out of all the cracks and it won’t stop. If the track was in better shape and you could dry it I wouldn’t mind going out and waiting and taking the chance.

I’ve got nearly a 3 hour tow. If they wait, then they they need to do their absolute best to get the show in. There are at least a half dozen Sportsman cars coming over from from the west coast. It’s $150 in gas for my dually and $120 for me and the crew. Plus tires and race fuel purchases. To go home empty handed would set my racing budget back for a while. :frowning: RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY!!!

Yeah i like orlando speed world it would be awesome to see it repaved like they did to NSS But that cost alot.

Either way it sucks…I’m starting to really believe our season in Florida should be from September 1st through April 30th. I drove from Jacksonville to NSS last night only to get rained out for open practice, so my next plan was to go to Orlando tonight, looks like thats not going to happen either. Its so much work to get a car ready to run, loaded up, leave work early, miss time with your family, spend a bunch of money…only to get rained out over and over. Besides the rain it’s unbearably hot to be in a racecar in August in Florida, they should change the season around.

I was repaved several years ago but they did nothing to take care of the weeping. Just paved over it.

OSW can’t get a break. Stay home guys they are rained out per thier website.

yea its been steady rain in kissimmee the past hour. I figure that was going to happen.

I have said before, and this would help both tracks succeed in my opinion…they should run NSS March thru August and OSW Sept thru February…Keep the Gov cup and Speed weeks at NSS. You cannot fight the rain at OSW in the summer and usually the sea breeze keeps the rain away from NSS…There are people at the beach in Daytona and Volusia for Speedweeks, spring break, bike week and of course the summer…then there are snowbirds all over central florida during the winter months …race them both on Saturday night or even afternoon in the winter …have two short points seasons and maybe even have an overall champ for each division for those that choose to run both seasons.
I am sure you would still run the Crash a rama’s at OSW during the summer and still be succesful. OSW has decided to run everyother week anyway so why not jsut run 6 months at once in the fall and Winter…

that is a awesome idea fred 23 surprized hart hasnt done that yet