Street Stock / Bomber parts

Lots o’ stuff accumulated over the years:

Full size 8.5" monte carlo rear ends:

3.73, locked, 1/2" studs, axles magnafluxed before assembly. Sitting long time. Rear cover rusty, but gears ok. $150

3.08 (I think), bolt in axles (Gran Prix), locked, 1/2" studs, axles magnafluxed before assembly. $100


441: 1.94/1.5 stainless valves. Sitting long time on OSW super stock motor (only a few races before parked), so will need springs. Probably should be freshened up. $150

462: .550 lift springs, 1.94/1.5, screw in studs. Virgin ports. 10 races on an asphalt modified. Sitting on shelf many years. $300

305 heads: drilled for screw in studs. mismatch #s. $50


.450 lift street stock cam. Broke in, then pulled out. (motor went in the bomber) $40

3.73 7.5" GM ring and pinion, $50

3.73 metric rear with mini spool. $150

Mini spool for 8.5" GM. $30

'68-72 Chevelle stuff:

Summers Bros 12 bolt axles with C-clip eliminators. $100

Lower control arms. $50 pair

8.5" (they do exist) 2.73 rear with bolt in axles. Dirty. $150

Stock 3.31 rear. ('64) $100

Disc brake spindles and rotors. $150 pair

Will probably list more stuff as I find it.

John 321 331 7100


3.73 metric rear sold