overnight name change

A sad story from Bubba Raceway this weekend… Ovenight, I see that the Powell family cut their involvement with the Powell Memorial, and the race was re-named as the Florida State LM Championship. I don’t pretend to know the details; I didn’t make it there either night, but just looking at the hard feelings that have resulted, I can’t help but think that SOMETHING should have been worked out.

Grit your teeth, get through the weekend, then have at it all week in private. Anything is better than letting things fall apart this way.

We all understand the strong sentimental value of this race night. I just hope the competitors and fans went home after being entertained by a good race; its even worse if everyone on both sides of the pit fence is upset.

First USAC then the mini-sprints now the Powells. I hope this is not an owner who wears his feelings on his cuff and says my way or the highway, That was tried at Golden Isles and years ago at a magnificent go kart track that went from hosting national events to oblivion in 2 short years.Truth be told you need 2 things to prosper,cars and fans. If either leave its over. Given the rich history and deserving respect for the memory of the Powells and all they did for motor sports I hope it can be salvaged and run at North Florida Speedway. They already have the Harvey Jones memorial and certainly know how to put on this type of event.

This story reminds me of a big car dealer that had a track in south west florida… Big money and a big mouth that got him in trouble fast… Lasted a year and ran out of money and friends…
Hop Bubba looks and learns because hes on a rool now and doesent need a crash and James is a crash in that aera.


Hate to hear about this. The Powell race was always my favorite to cover in Florida. James and his family are great people. Does anyone know what happened?

A few years back, the race was moved to Inverness. Will that happen again this year?

I don’t know other then hear say on the Powell deal and will not commit on it but as far as USAC, I’m pretty much up to speed and this was a USAC issue not a BRP issue, then as far as the mini sprints they had signed contracts for 14 races and demanded more money from BRP after NFS gave them more money and he told them NO and they said if not we will pull out…Bubba’s quote, “no just get your crap off my property and do not bother to return” Bubba and I have spoke about this and this is what he told me directly and asked if it came up to please set the record straight…so don’t blame that one on BRP…now I am not one of Bubba’s biggest fans, but I do respect the man on what he has done and is doing for racing as a racer and as a fan he is packing the place with some very good racing…When is the last time you seen a track owner/promoter bring out tires to give to the top team to nip a tire issue…or spend the money to clear up “cheating issues?”

Bubba’s Reply

Don’t know anything about this situation and haven’t been to Ocala since it went dirt, but I thought this post from another board was interesting…

I would like to take this time to explain to you what happened Friday night at approx 1am in the Pits of BRP. This isnt my side of the story, its the truth witnessed by at least 10 other people, one of which is a retired dep sheriff.

At 1am as i was sitting in a fold out chair next to my 9 year old son and with my race crew after a long night of fighting the elements/very muddy track i was approached by a woman i did not know. She walked up to me and with a attitude asked whos bubba? i knowing she was upset about something and it was very very obvious that she was very drunk told her i was bubba. at this point she goes on to say she is james powells wife. and that im am a piece of shit cause i ruined the powell name and race by making it a two day show, and i didnt call her husband back wednesday when he called me.

i calmly explained that we (the track) had a system in place to determine a overall winner of the two days and that two nights at 5000 to win each night was more racer friendly than one night of 10k to win. she wasnt having it and didnt want to hear it. i explained to her over the years most other owners would make the racers come in on friday and qualify and run heats and that my new format was better for the racers.

i then explained to her that im/my partner tom bean are at brp every sat night and that her husband needed to come see me months ago so we could make what ever changes he felt we needed to make. and that calling me 2days b4 the event wasnt very responsible. she continued to argue with me…after about 10 min of her screaming at me in front of my son telling me how i ruined her familys name i asked her to leave…

after repeated attempts to ask her to leave, she kept telling me shes not leaving, and i cant do shit…i then became upset and yelled at her, i said get the hell out of my pits…now…Yes i am guilty of saying that to her…i can assure you this was after no less than 10-15 min of trying to reason with someone that was so drunk she could barley stand. again all this was witnessed by at least 10 people including a former sworn dep sheriff.
at this point one of my female track employees asks her to leave and she does.

ten min later here comes james powell headed my way… im still sitting in my chair next to my son…mr powell walks up to me while im sitting down and punches me in the face. he tells me this is for cussing at my wife… this in front of my son. nice…

mr powell was obviously very drunk as well i then get up, grab mr powell and attempt to give him what he gave me, of which i think a few of my punches landed, at this point 2 of his drinking buddies jump on my back but cant get me to the ground, at this point my crew jumps in and gets them off of me and i tell mr powell he needs to leave.

mr powell then proceeds to tell me that he is camping in his bus in my parking lot and hes not going anywhere. i told him im not a tattle tale, and im not calling the marion co sheriff to have them arrested for hitting me if they just leave the property

at this point they leave. i didnt want to call the police and already make a bad situation worse…although perhaps now that i look back i should have cause it would have explained who did what and all you haters wouldnt have your bubba the love jerk smart ass comments. the sad thing of it all is this.

  1. my son had to witness this
  2. as they drove away ive been told they had their kids in the bus
  3. i never met mr/mrs powell but ive heard nothing but wonderful wonderful things about them and they were so so pro racer… this situation no matter how you slice it is bad for their good/honorable name.

me/my partner tom bean/ and our race track will not tolerate this kind of drunken behavior while we are trying to honor your good family.
i wish the powells nothing but the best and im ashamed for my part in this very embarrassing situation…mr/mrs powell would have never wanted these issues…

from now on this time in june will be the florida late model state championship with 5000 to win for two nights. and the overall winner being awarded a championship type ring…congrats to this years winnner mark whitner im headed to old north east jewelers tomm to design marks ring and it will be awarded to him when its done.

please keep updated on 2day florida state championships races being scheduled right now for hobbys/open wheel/v8 thunders and limited late models at bubbaracewaypark.com

thank you to all for giving me a chance to tell you the truth

Bubba Clem


thank you to all for giving me a chance to tell you the truth

Bubba Clem[/QUOTE]

THANK YOU BUBBA…that is exactly what i heard…glad you sat the record straight!!! Wayne Davis

Well that was an interesting post. To be completely fair, it would be nice to hear from the other side too. I wonder if we will…

From the sound of it, they won’t even remember where they were last
Friday night.

I guess, they got home, safely, with kids in the bus, could have been another tragedy to the family.

I wonder of Bubba’s son required grief counseling.

Well this story has warmed the board up.
Bubba i dont think that bad smack talk is someting you havent heard before. I did listen to your show on radio.
The last thing a promoter needs to do is stand up for himself on this board. when (like me) your not promoting a track you can tell them what you think.
Take it on the chin no punt…and cary on.
I worked with james for many years and have never seen him strike anyone.


sounds to me if all this is the truth bubba needed

one of them super xtra power tazer mabee you could have got the drunk lady to get the holy ghost – then you could have used a double one on guy that hit you sitting down … i’m sure you could get one leagal some drunks go wild like . need some shock treatment

Grit your teeth, get through the weekend, then have at it all week in private. Anything is better than letting things fall apart this way.
Boneman got it right in the very first post…

Sounds to me like arrogance met alcohol and nothing good could come of it. It was nobodies business anyway what happened between all of them. Thank god for messageboards so we can make it our business.