Rolling Thunder Modifieds - Coming to Florida?

Just after our race at the Bristol Motor Speedway, I told the Florida (and other drivers that came from the southeast) that we appreciated them driving all of the way to Tennessee for our race and that we would try to come to Florida to thank them.

When it appeared that a race in Florida might not happen, we turned to Montgomery Motor Speedway and got rained out…

But now, there is some interest from a track in Florida in having us there.

The guys that run our tour, myself included, all work other jobs, just like each of you. If we travel, we have to miss work, pay for gas, rooms (unless we can camp in a tent like we did at Montgomery) etc.

We’re not in this to take modifieds from local tracks…we want modifieds to grow everywhere. If a local track that has a mod division wants to bring us in and then have us back in a few years, that’s great.

We have already looked at our schedule, the potential tracks schedule and all surrounding tracks’ schedules and tried to pick a date as not to schedule on top of another track running mods that night, but unfortunately, in every situation, there was at least 1 track running mods. We apologize for that.

So, continue to look for updates and if it happens, I will post it here first. Additionally, if you want to keep up to date on more happenings, send me an email to