Slinger Super Speedway, WI--

Sunday night, Al Shill piloted his super-late model around the high-banked 1/4 mile asphalt oval in qualifying at 11.49 seconds.

Fastest lap in the history of that class, the oldest driver to post a time like that.
Pole position, he finished 2nd, with Dennis Prunty winning, Steve Apel 3rd, and Lowell Bennett 4th.

Gotta’ hand it to this old legend, he still has it going on.


have mentioned that he is 67 years old now-----pushing the 70 year mark. good for him.

That is one awesome track. I had the pleasure of seeing it in the mid 90’s and the show was unforgetable. Congrats to Al Schill.

and the kicker here is----

Al Shill just won his first race in 3 years at this Raceway, at 67 years young, last Sunday night. A last lap battle on the high-banked quarter miler, high on the outside to take the checkered flag.

Good for him, and good for seniors all the way! I wish him more victories.

Wouldn’t it be neat if NASCAR had a “Senior Tour” like the PGA does… 10-12 races with guys like Petty, DW, Yarborough, Pearson etc. who would still like to have some fun… I personally know Marvin Panch would do it and he’s 86!! Would breathe even more new life into James Hylton!