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Im selling my uncles Copy Lefthander owm bare chassic Im selling it cheap i need it out of my shop…I also have a raceready streetstock sitting it my drive way taking up room#41 raced at auburndale speedway.I also have a camaro rollor streetstock…also have a metic monte carlo sportsman rollor chassic for sale also have a 1995 ford f150 4x4 truck for sale…ALL THIS STUFF GOT TO GO ASAP TAKING UP THE ROOM PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL 863 676-1704 THATS THE HOUSE # OR U CAN CALL MAXIMUM AUTOMOTIVE @ 863 679 8878 ASKED FOR JEFF WATERMAN THANK YOU FOR TAKING UR TIME IN READING THIS

Waterman #41 motorsports

how much for the mod chasssic