FAST KIDS looking GOOD!!!!

Congrat’s to:
Joey Coulter 3rd Campimg World NASCAR.
Ross Chastain 15th " " "
Josh Williams 10th ARCA.
Joey Lagano Pole for NASCAR CUP GOOD LUCK to Aric and Joey TODAY).

Joie gets his second WIN!!!

Joey Lagano beat his mentor by the old last lap bump and run (Mark Martin brought Joie to the FAST KIDS).
The race itself had every thing a FAN could want.
From the first lap with Denny’s dive bomb into turn one,
the new timing lines were a challenge,
the door to door action all day long,
the new track unknowns,
Jr almost again,
Smoke drove through the field,
and lots of different leaders.

What’s your 2 cents worth???

I always loved going to Pocono and yesterday’s race showed why. I always felt like if you could only make one race a year, that you should make it Pocono. Longest straight in NASCAR with cars going 5 wide on restarts, Turn One is a High-Banked Super Speedway turn, Turn Two is that tricky dog leg Tunnel Turn where you run through it flat out and Turn Three is a tight, flat Short Track type corner where you can beat and bang. It’s got the elements of a Super Speedway, Road Course and Short Track all in one facility. Can’t wait for the August race weekend. Trucks put on one hell of a show there now that they have been added. Glad someone thought outside of the box when they built this place! :ernaehrung004:

The 3 corners were built as copies of existing racetracks that the Indy cars raced on. If I remember correctly, turn 1 is a copy of Trenton, turn 2 is identical to Indy, and turn 3 mirrors Millwaukee.

It’s a shame that Indy cars don’t run there anymore. They absolutely FLEW around that place. The new car with the wide farings in the rear would create even more slingshot opportunities at Pocono than the ones we saw at Indy. The racing would be awesome. Do you think IndyCar is ready to eat enough crow to be a “support event” for NASCAR at Pocono on the Saturday of the June race??? As a series, Nationwide now outdraws IndyCar over the course of the year, anyway. There would be a built-in crowd with everybody already there for the Cup race. I think they would have the 2nd largest attendance of the year if they ran say a 200 or 250 miler on that Saturday. Whattaya think?

just seeing whats going on in the racing world

anything new happenining around the Florida Racing scene.:sport009: