Rain In Not Out

went to CITRUS CO SPEEDWAY last night and it was like old home week.
It was great seeing a lot of mu old friends there.
Now for the track…
If you want to learn how its done go see Criter.
Got there at 3:30 and it was raining hard. it stoped at 4:00 and we were practicimg buy 5:00
Had a few more little showers duting prsctice.
Ran the heats and half of the feitures. Half way threw the mod feature it came a hard rain.
They had the track ready to go agin in a short time and finisher the race.
They had enough cars to put on a great show in one of the worst nights of weather we have had .
All the cars looked clean and good and raced each other with respect.
Some of the best short track racing in the state im sure
Thanks Criter and Donny Lewis for having me.
If you are in centerial florida and looking for a race to go to this is the place to go.



i have to agree. Critter and the rest of the Citrus staff really know how to please the fans and the drivers. One of the best tracks in Florida. I think PGS is right up there too… Both track owners stay out of the muck and run their own tracks !!!
Carol Wicks

Havent made it down there yet but will someday.
That is the day you are going to be there.
see ya soon.


Plan on a SLM date. i usually make those… :wink: can hardly wait to see you again. been a long time…