reasons to be depressed

Aside from the fact we had a rainy weekend, and now the sun is out on Monday, there are plenty of other reasons for racers and fans to be depressed.

Orlando Speedworld has been shut down for several weeks, and is supposed to reopen this week and run a limited schedule. I’ll be surprised if it lasts long.

Volusia is still closed.

New Smyrna is a shadow of its former self.

There is no news from Putnam. They ran a few practices and then “…poof!”

The Lake City pavement track is deserted.

The Cylde Hart SLM race at New Smyrna has been replaced with an enduro and a demo derby.

De Soto is on life support.

Showtime has not opened yet. (I know they are working on it)

By nature, I am a pretty optimistic guy, and thank goodness we have some Florida tracks that are healthy and are rockin’ right along. The bad news is that my home on the east coast used to be surrounded by tracks, now there is only one, and it is one of the weakest.

So what can one guy do? Not much. I’ve still got a full racing schedule, it just takes more travel then I was used to. I’ve been able to run 11 events this year, and my kids are racing karts.

Kind of a pointless rant today. Maybe the message to take away from this is to get to work, dust off some of those cars, and haul them out to a track. Any track will do. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a place to park in the pits at Orlando. I’m taking a car there, and they could certainly use the assistance this week.

I got a call from a father/son team that is having a drivers meeting on June 22 at Lake City Speedway. They hope to re-open the track in July… Fingers crossed here.

They hope to re-open the track in July

Well hot damn! Things are looking up already!