Lake City Speedway signs of life

There will be a drivers meeting at Lake City Speedway on June 22 at 7:00pm at the track. For information, call (386) 623-7701.

Puttin’ that on my calendar…:huepfen024:

I heard it was a Father-Son team going in.

My guess it would be owner Robert Hart and son Andrew. No? j/k----

any idea as to if the new “owners” are leasing or buying the track? I guess leasing wouldn’t make them owners, just managers

was the track even for sale?

Stopped by the exit.

I was on my way home from Tally and got off for gas. Everyone in the store missed it. GOOK LUCK it’s a neat track for sure.

Yes, it’s a father-son team and they are leasing it. The son has been racing there for several years. I think they will do well if the Harts will allow it.

If it was me…
I’d run twice a month on Sundays with a start time of around 5PM… Make it a real party atmosphere with tailgating/picnic-ing in the parking lot before race time… Maybe a neat impromptu flea market in the lot during the morning and early afternoon… Make it fun and people will come…

when they need more money and looking for a third partner you can chip in and use that idea.

I got $11.22 in the bank… is that enough?

Here’s A different thought that follows Daves tailgating idea… have the cars pit OUTSIDE the track, and let the fans mingle with racers. Kinda like NHRA-style. Nothing hooks a fan like meeting several racers and picking a favorite. A few years back, I was able to take a couple of ‘rookie’ fans pitside, and met several drivers. They each found favorites, got to watch them race, and they had a blast. Otherwise, it would have just been a bunch of cars going in circles then. Becca Kasten was one, she won the feature, and Jose still talks about it to this day.

Just some ‘outside the box’ thinking here…