Dazzling Performance By Josh Williams Motorsports At Pocono Raceway


Good Job Josh

Great Job Josh!!!

It’s really cool to see the “Florida Boys” holding their own in the upper echelons of motorsports (Ross Chastain in NCWTS and Jeff Choquette in ASA included). I can’t imagine how intimidating it must have been to ride around the “Tricky Triangle”, never competing on a track that size. I know having any kind of presence in the world of ARCA can be truly catagorized as “low buck”, but against the highly funded NASCAR development teams and Venturini’s stable of high dollar “daddy’s boys” what JWM did is highly commendable. Keep up the good work. Wish I had the $ to start racing before I was 28. Man do I feel old at 46 tomorrow! Good luck Josh! :slight_smile:

Scott Garrity

Dont know you but have a happy birthday tomorrow!
Carol Wicks…:auto003:
oh and yes, we are very proud of Josh, Jeff, Chris Fontaine,Joey Coulter, Joey Logano, BJ, and the “WATERMELON MAN”… Ross Chastain… we watched them all grow up and its awesome seeing them on the big tracks.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes Carol! I was born in CT just like Joey Logano dontcha know. Hope people don’t hate on me too hard for that. Watched him whip up on everybody hard in the Busch East Series (K&N Pro Series now) at my old home track, Stafford Motor Speedway, a few years back. :aetsch013:

We are proud as punch of our Florida boys. Josh with a 10th place finish. Awesome! That track has to be a chalegnge especially if you have never drove on it LOOOng straights! Josh was ahead of a lot of experience and thats something to be proud of.


i was born in Boston… shhhhhhhhhhhhhh :wink: probably 30 years before you were born in Connecticut…

Carol Wicks

LMAO Carol. My wife went to college just north of beantown at Ednicott. Hope to make it down to Punta Gorda for one of those Late Model Sportsman 50 lappers before the year ends. Before then I’ll be at OSW and NSS for consecutive nights at the end of July and the end of August and at Citrus for the 50 lapper in September. Maybe Showtime Speedway too when they open and have a night for Sportsman cars. If you ever see the red 07 Sportsman Monte Carlo come by. I’d love to meet ya! :aetsch013:


let me know ahead of time about when u r coming to PGS… will try to make it…

Will do Carol! :slight_smile: