OSW 6/15 FRIDAY... SUPER STOCK 50... $5.00 Admission


This Friday night (6/15) racing returns to Orlando Speedworld with our 2nd Fan Appreciation Night… featuring $5.00 Adult General AdmisssionSuper Stocks 50, Strictly Stocks 35 plus feature races for the Pro Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, Legend Cars and the Bandoleros…

Don’t miss it… Gates open at 6pm, racing starts at 8pm
General Admission is just $5.00 Adults
Kids 11 & under are FREE!

Visit OrlandoSpeedworld.org for more info.

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Might just take the family over to orlando for that price cheap night out

Ok, I don’t get it… Why was the show designed like this? Are there any four classes at OSW that get fewer cars than Pro LM, Legends, Bandos and “big motor” mods? At some point, every one of these classes have been cancelled this year because no more than two cars showed up, right?

Super Stocks will probably be a good race, and there will be enough Strictlys to run, but it is a possibility that all of those other 4 classes could have no more than 2 cars each.

Hopefully it won’t happen this way. Maybe the pre-race publicity juggernaut will fill the pits.

Where are the E-mods? They bring full fields and put on good races.

Boneman, thats all I would be running is the classes with the bigger car counts. since they already have alot of races cut anyway the e-mods have a better car count at osw I would cut the big mods out and any other small classes completely.

Im bringing three Strictlys that havent run this year. I also have a bus load of friends ,kids and family coming . Im trying to get people intrested in our sport and keep osw alive. I really enjoy having these kids around and learning while they help plus I know where that . Trying to stay positive:huepfen024:

I also have a bus load of friends ,kids and family coming

Excellent! Sounds like you guys will have a blast. Fact is, my 10 year old was reading your post over my shoulder, and he reminded me of how much he and his younger brother want to go to the races, so I’ll be bringing two extra pit crew members tomorrow.