The FUTURE in Motosports? Check this out!!!!!

If you have a kid or a relative in Middle or High School this program is a neat way for them to follow their dream (if it’s Motor Sports) and also grasp a hands on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to support their Education. I went to the National Challenge at Stewart Hass Racing shops at Charlotte NC. It was the weekend of the NASCAR ALL STAR Race. The kids loved seeing all the world of stock car racing and how it allied to their classes in school. Check it out at and then check out the parts of the Virtual Field Trip (on the front page). These kids can win scholarships from the US ARMY and more!!! After you check it out give us your 2 cents worth.

Is there anyone who…

Anyone have a child or relative that’s in Middle or High School that would like to have them learn about the Dynamics of Motor Sports and possibility of getting a scholarship? I am starting a Chapter in my Middle School. In Hillsborough County. Call me 813-817-7223. I can fill you in on how to get your school involved. Check this out: Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! - IFMAR 1/10th World championships A final leg 3

YOUR in The ARMY now!!! NASCAR’s TEN80 update.

Check this out:
Show your kids see if they would like to learn Science and Math this way???

Students learn real hands on racing skills!!!

Check out the new rookie team.
*****There are 175,000 plus students.
*****We just added two more schools two the 287 Teams (we will have six teams at each school in Hillsborough Co. Schools) involved to date.
*****With over 102 school featuring Stock Car Racing in their class lessons.
*****There are 27 states that are broken out to 7 regions that uses the TEN80 NASCAR STEM Student Racing Challenge in their schools curriculum.

If you have any question of how to get your kids to have it at their Middle or High School just call me at 813-817-7223. You can tell I believe. If not enjoy the future of racing from our school systems.

Intro to 5 day summer Camp.

Here’s a quickie about the 5 day Summer Camp information the kids learn.
See how it apply’s the reworld.


Just anoyher inside information on how it works.

Here’s another clip of how they learn real world RACING!!!
This is how to get kids to pay attention. About Science, Math, and the way it apply’s to the Racing World.
See how Ryan #39 got started.
Not just for kids!