2013 Powell Memorial will return to Citrus County Speedway!

Citrus County Speedway is proud to announce the return of the Powell Memorial to the friendliest track in the south. General manager Don Cretty and James Powell discussed the posibility over a few days, and were able to come to an agreement to bring the Powell back to the asphalt. Citrus County Speedway last hosted the race in 2004, and also is home to James first ever victory in the Powell Memorial. The Powell Memorial enjoyed it’s largest car counts ever when Citrus County Speedway was the host track, with as many as 44 cars attempting to make the all star field. Details will come as soon as possible, but make sure to mark your calendars for June 2013!


Mid-week show… please, please, please.

Great news!!!. :slight_smile:


The good Lord willing, I will be there! I have the utmost respect for the team at Citrus! Love the idea it will be on asphalt too! If it’s good with James, it’s good with me. PLEASE… no other tracks have a SLM race on that date. Lets all cooperate and make this the biggest, bestest Powell Memorial race in history!
Carol Wicks :auto003: :ernaehrung004:

I think Punta Gorda Speedway is also the “friendiest track” :wink: Love our track !!!