Boneman WINS.....

Rex won the Strictly Stock 35 at OSW tonight. Set fast time in qualifying, started 7th, and beat some pretty strong V-8’s to do it in his 4 cylinder. mustang.

BIG congrats to a great guy, on an impressive win.

Good Job Rex

Did He Have The Wing On, Just Asking

Was a good race , my first time back to Speedworld in many years, first race on the track at almost 9 pm, whats up with that, left at 10 :30 , still had super stock 50 , mod feature to run , not a way to keep people coming back :fragend005:

Wow 9 pm what happened to cause the late start?

Do you know what made this night so cool for me? I had my two youngest sons with me for the first time. Now that they are 8 and 10, they are big enough to come along and not get in trouble. They loved it, and I was proud to have them along.

It was great to see Speedworld back in operation! I think they had 45+ cars, adn many more fans than have been showing up lately. Yes, there is room for improvement in both areas, but they had a good night and it was NOT a disaster! Yesss!

Funny thing about my little Mustang: I hadn’t raced it since last October. No practice either; I just rolled it off and went. No one was more surprised than I was, believe me.

Good job Rex!!!
Awesome race!!! :huepfen024:

Lots of room for improvement on running an efficient show. Time trials for both Super Stocks & Strictly Stocks… followed by a Modified heat, a 2 car Bandolero heat & 3 car Legends heat. Yawn…

Then an on-track autograph session. The Strictly Stock 35 was the first real excitement, and it wasn’t over till after 10:00.

The racing was pretty good, crowd fair to medium, but for Gods sake, somebody needs to can the Legends & Bando’s. Absolutely painful to sit through.

Good $5.00 show, but would have been worth more if not for those 2 pathetic classes.

WAY TO GO REX!!!:ernaehrung004:

Did the Crane ignition have the proper part number and did it pass tech?

Just askin…LOL

Congrats Rex you drove an awesome race!!. :slight_smile:

who won the super stock race how many cars showed up .

Congrats to the Bone… Better driving skills after driving a Sprint car this year. Kinda’ tunes up the reflexes…:sprachlos020:

Super Stock feature was won by Shannon Kelly in the 112. About 15 cars total in that race.

Anyone know who put Bill Loomis in the wall during the Strictly Stock race? That car was trashed… I saw it Saturday morning over at Tyler’s…
Hey Boney, I guess that traction control device off my K-Car I loaned you really worked on that Mustang!!!

Then… of course… Earnhardt, Jr. also breaks a long losing streak… Can’t let Boneman have all the glory!!!

Dave… didn’t catch the guys name, but on the back of his car is written “hit and run”… and that’s exactly what he did. VERY cheap and deliberate move. Should have been thrown off the property and banned, but was only put to the back for his “involvement”.

Guy deserved his ass to get beat. Loomis is lucky to have walked away. Very hard hit from a very cheap shot.

breaks a long losing streak

Hilarious…I won last fall. I bet the old K-car must have been undrivable with the traction control. I had a hard time keeping my 100 Hp. hooked up too!

hey rex you should bring your boys
more often brought you good luck
also very well behaved boys :aetsch013:
megan ran nss sat lost power steering belt
it wall going into turn 3 tore car up pretty bad :frowning:
should have been happy with her 3 place fri
she led about 5 laps spun came back from rear
to finish3 proud dad good fathers day present

A belated “Congrats” on the win, Rex. Happy to hear that ya got one this year! :wink:

[QUOTE=Frasson118;107409]Dave… didn’t catch the guys name, but on the back of his car is written “hit and run”… QUOTE] It wasent me. sry to hear bout Bill’s car tho