Any news from NSS..?

How many Supers? Who’s there? Still early enough to maybe convince some people to show up. Mark mentioned last nite at OSW that a couple of out-of-state cars were coming, but didn’t mention who. He did say CT and SC… my guesses on those would be Scott Heckert and Gus Dean. Gus has gotten notably faster with seat time at NSS and could be a top running car tonight.


17 super lates for 100 lapper, Rogers won

Yea the super late race was pretty good David Rogers lead all 100 laps from start to finish. the super stocks was follow the leader with bobby holly winning it I think they had 6 total and the same with the e-mods follow the leader with the 112 winning I think they had 6 cars as well .

How many of the super lates were in contention to possibly win?

Contending cars would’ve been:

Clouser-caught up in a late wreck
Russell-Finished 4th
Heckert- Was fast, late wreck eliminated him
Dean- Finished 2nd, was the most interesting to watch. Wasn’t a follower.
Brad May- missed a shift late (?) and caused a late wreck while in 2nd
Campi- Blew a dry sump (?) and oiled the whole track. Fast Qualifier

All in all, a fun race. Watching Gus Dean was the most interesting driver of the night. That kid isn’t a follower and will push for position on every lap. He was more thrilled with 2nd than any driver I’ve ever seen.

Dean, Is he a out of town driver? Don’t go to NSS much and don’t recognize his name.

Bluffton, SC.

He’s in his second year of running late models and run’s the PASS South series. Worked his way up from go-carts, Allison legacy and then to SLM’s.

Born in '94, he doesn’t seem to be the same old story of Daddy’s money funding the kids whims. he really can drive. Without him, it would’ve been a ho-hum race with Rogers leading every lap.

On another note, I was surprised to see Campi set fast time. Too bad he had trouble in the race. The track almost ran out of speedy dry to clean up after his oil tank had an issue.

It was a decent SLM race…Rogers was class of field after Campi made a mess of the place …interesting would be a good word to describe Gus Deans driving I guess…he hit and ran into every car he got to or beside but to his credit, he didn’t wreck anyone…he was pretty fast…
Brad May had a wheel come loose and also had some kind of electrical problem, he said the car just didn’t go on the restart…Ray Black Jr ran well for having a very loose race car to finish 3rd…

Would be nice if someone from there would post the run down of the classes. Checked their site awhile ago and nothing there either.


Bright House Super Late Models 100

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 - 11 David Rogers Orlando , Fl 50.00
2 - 56 Gus Dean - 48.00
3 - 19 Ray Black, Jr Jacksonville , Fl 47.00
4 - 36 Tim Russell Apopka , Fl 46.00
5 - 12 David Green Ft Pierce, Fl 45.00
6 - 20 Anthony Sergi Geneva , Fl 44.00
7 - 07 Steven Simpson New Smyrna, Fl 43.00
8 - 10 Brad May Oviedo , Fl 42.00
9 - 72 Scott Heckert Ridgefield , Ct 41.00
10 - 9C Rich Clouser Palm Bay, Fl 40.00
11 - 67 Chad Allman - 39.00
12 - 10X Michael Seay Longwood , Fl 38.00
13 - 7 Amanda Ferguson Mt Verde, Fl 37.00
14 - 81 Anthony Campi Sarasota , Fl 36.00
15 - 24 Caesar Bacarella Parkland , Fl 35.00
16 - 29 Joe Yarborough - 34.00


Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 - 112 Jarrett Korpi Deltona , Fl 50.00
2 - 14 Roger Benton Chuluota , Fl 48.00
3 - 1 Mike Pletka Orlando , Fl 47.00
4 - 00 John Hodge Palm Bay, Fl 46.00
5 - 21 Michael Dahm New Smyrna, Fl 45.00
6 - 44 Jeff Wright - 44.00

Super Stocks

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 - 56 Bobby Holley Deltona , Fl 50.00
2 - 60 Ernie Tumminello Deland , Fl 48.00
3 - 60T Gino Tumminello Deland , Fl 47.00
4 - 37 Charles King Geneva , Fl 46.00
5 - 72 Dale Sorensen Orlando , Fl 45.00
6 - 21D Michael Dahm New Smyrna, Fl 44.00
7 - 95 Garrett Hill Orlando , Fl 43.00
8 - 29 Donny Funk - 42.00

Strictly Stocks

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 - 23 Zachary Curtis Palm Bay, Fl 50.00
2 - 10 Jonathon Murphy - 48.00
3 - 88 Mark Shukwit Deltona , Fl 47.00
4 - 81 Jimmy Barron - 46.00
5 - 66 Rick Gaither - 45.00
6 - 21M Maureen Dahm Deltona , Fl 44.00
7 - 161 Herman Korpi - 43.00
8 - 11 Ralph Jones - 42.00
9 - 3 Dustin Higdon Edgewater , Fl 41.00
10 - 14 Firman Davis - 40.00
11 - 4 Megan Matheny Orlando , Fl 39.00

Mr Debelius, you seem to be having trouble locating the results a lot on the website so this may help…

At the top of the Front Page (first article) it says “Official Results - 6/16/12”

Under that heading it says, “Congratulations to our Week #12 Feature Winners:”

Below that I list each division and the Winner for that race.

Just under the “Feature Winners” is a link that reads “Click Here for Complete Official Results for 6/16/12”… Clicking that link will take you to the Complete Results for the night for each division.

Once on the “Official Results” page, if you click “Print This Page”, you can see at the top of the printable page that comes up that it has been updated since 8:56am - 6/18/12. (Yes it waited until Monday morning this week due to Internet/Computer issues that I had on Sunday)

The process is the same for Orlando Speedworld and is updated (barring unforeseen issues) EVERY Sunday as it has been since the start of the 2012 Season.

If you need any further assistance locating information on the Website, please don’t hesitate to contact me through PM… Since I know you are already familiar with that feature/function.

Hope this helps.