New Road Race Camaro under construction at Bemco (pics)

Thought I would share details and pics of a new Howe type 2012 Camaro under construction at Bemco by Woody Wood. A cost effective build using a Howe ASA/GTA type chassis and the Howe 2012 Camaro body. Woody and Steve Branton modified the tail section behind the shock mounts to accept a removable section for the fuel cell (22 gal Nascar ATL).

The drivetrain was removed from the customers road race truck and as much as possible will be utilized. The motor is unique in that is one of the small block chevy’s that utillizes the LS type heads. In this case aftermarket LS3’s. It runs a Holley 4150 carb as used on GT1 motors. Transmission is a road race Jerico coupled to a Quick change rear end. The rear suspension is a three link with a Watt’s Link. Brakes will be Brembo’s up front with Wilwood’s in the rear.

For additional cost effectiveness, the wheels will be 15" aluminum wide five fitted with 15x12 and 15x14 modified short track rubber. At about 600 buck a set, it is similar to the GTA type rubber.

The finished product will look much like this “Woody” Built Camaro for customer Ralph Tommasso.

From bare chassis to this in less than 30 days by Woody and Steve Branton.

Awesome, now you need one with a 69 Camaro body.

Actually, that is doable. US Bodies makes a 69.

another shot