Showtime Speedway 4th of July

Twin 30 lap OWM races. One race will be on treaded tires and one race on slicks. If enough drivers just want to run on slicks, then both races will be that way. I spoke to Robert Yoho and this information comes directly from him. $800 to win each race. Any questions, call the track at 727-561-9646, just like I did. They have practice tomorrow from 5 PM to 10 PM, $10 per person.

need to run treaded tires thats what all the cars are on now dont change just to have 5 cars happy

When did A-Dale start racing on treaded tires? I thought they were on the grooved (airplane) tires like FASCAR?

The Showtime website says "NO BLEACHER YET BRING YOUR OWN SEATS "
Anyone have photos of where you can put chairs? Just wondering if several fans show up will I have any chance of being able to see the race or just the head of the dude in front of me.

Dave, they have been on those tire sense they switch from american racer 3 years ago. And they suck.

They SUCK!!!
Boy i need some of them there tires of that there airplane. I think ill like…LOVE them Ted.


Well maybe I should not have said it like that. But I really not care for them, I always thought the old white letter Goodyear’s slicks were the best, but that was long ago. Don will we all see you on the 4th with your truck? If you are here stop and say hi, it has be a long time. Ted.

Ted i am trying to get everything going so i can make it. It will be different and i dont want to miss it. Yes ill bring the truck also…
Tires…rember when everyone wanted the Hooshers back when we were on Goodyears??
Funny now they want the goodyears back.
If you painted it red they would bitch and want it blue…
I am glad and so are they that i am out of that posision…
see ya old friend in St Pete…